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Hargeisa(ANN)-Somaliland is strategically and geographically located, and it is vital to the region and the world in terms of military, economic, trade, and security. It is a strategic area; it borders the Gulf of Aden and the important  Babel-Mandeb  passage, which connects the Red Sea and the Gulf to the Indian Ocean.

The Babel Mandeb, which is sometimes called the “Gateway of Tears,” connects the traffic that crosses Africa and Asia, and is one of the most important passages in the world.

It is not a country that has recognition in the world, but it has become a small country that is admired for its democracy, stability, and security, which has attracted the attention of the world and the great powers, who are in competition to have good diplomatic and economic relations.

Somaliland has become an example for many countries in the world, which have recognized governments but cannot do as Somaliland has done in terms of democracy and one-person, one-vote elections. It has held eight elections since it adopted the democratic party system twenty years ago.

Study Somaliland to understand the reality of the region.

Learn more about the history of Somaliland here.


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By Arraale M Jama Freelance Journalist and Human Rights activist.

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