I have a couple of questions to ask the USA regards yesterday’s “Instability and Democratic Backsliding in Somaliland PRESS STATEMENT

(Instability and democratic backsliding in Somaliland)

The first Paragraph (USA)
“The United States is increasingly concerned by the continuing violence in Lascanood and joins other international partners and neighbors in calling for de-escalation, adherence to the agreed ceasefire,unhindered humanitarian access, and resumption of constructive dialogue towards peaceful resolution. Continued violence will increase the potential for extremist groups to sow broader instability and further exacerbate the ongoing humanitarian crisis”.

The first paragraph (My commentary on that first paragraph)

The above statement expresses concern about the presence of terrorist groups in LasAnod, given their potential to cause greater instability and exacerbate the current humanitarian crisis, similar to what is happening in other parts of Somalia and beyond. Here the USA is very concerned, (like everyone else in the region and beyond) about the conflict and a possibility of violence continuation of extremist groups to sow broader instability and further exacerbate the ongoing humanitarian crisis. This is well and good

The second paragraph is:
“We call on Somaliland to pull back its security forces as a demonstration of its commitment to these principles.
We call on the militias in Lascanood to refrain from any offensive actions against Somaliland forces”

Now, I am asking this question.
Would the US consider providing security guarantees for the region if Somaliland withdraws its army and what are the potential ramifications of that movement, Given that safeguarding the welfare and security of the entire Horn of Africa and the citizens of Somaliland is critically important?

Furthermore, ensuring peace and stability in La’anod is essential not only for saving lives and the smooth functioning of Somaliland’s democratic process, but also to prevent LasAnod from being transformed into a refuge for Al Shabaab, which is the outcome of the ongoing conflict, Therefore, if timely elections are critical, resolving the conflict in La’anod should also be a priority.

Secondly, Will the United States not take any action if foreign nationals or terrorist groups invade one of their states? Of course, the United States will have no hesitation in slaughtering them

Somaliland has repeatedly declared a cease-fire to allied militias and terrorist groups at LasAnod.
SOMALILAND had to wait three months for the Garaad to engage in talks with the government, but instead, they continue to invade.

The Statement on the SOMALILAND elections.

My comment on the election is;
How important it is for the United States to voice its concerns about the Somaliland presidential election schedule, and how does this concern relate to the ongoing terrorist conflict in a significant part of the country?”

How can the U.S. be concerned about elections in Somaliland when Somailand is the only country that holds free and fair democratic elections, not only in the Horn of Africa, but throughout Africa, besides South Africa and Kenya, and Where is Somalia’s federal government elections? Has there been any elections in Somalia?
Somalia is where the U.S. has spent over a trillion dollars in the last 32 years and still pumping money?

How can the United States express its concern about the timing of Somaliland’s presidential elections while the country is at war with terrorist and allied militias who gathered to destabilize SOMALILAND, and how is the current conflict will affect the possibility of holding democratic elections in the country?

Considering the current conflict with terrorist militias and allies in LasAnod, which constitutes a significant portion of Somaliland, How does the US government’s concern about the delay of Somaliland’s presidential elections relate to the imperative of prioritizing security and stability in the country?”

While the ongoing terrorist conflict represents a major challenge, postponing elections for an extended period could in no way compromise Somaliland’s democratic institutions and legitimacy, and create a power vacuum that may be exploited by extremist groups and other destabilizing forces.

By pressing for timely and fair elections, I know the US is aiming to promote political stability, democratic governance, and human rights, which are essential for sustainable peace and security in Somaliland. However, it is also important to address the security situation in parallel, in order to create an environment that is conducive to peaceful elections and democratic governance.


On the following statement where
“USA support the Federal Government of Somalia’s constructive engagement and deployment of a clan elders’ delegation and welcome Somaliland President Bihi’s commitment to meet with the delegation in Hargeisa”

I would like to advise the United States government that the traditional delegation of elders who intend to visit Somaliland is not the product of the Somali federal government, Instead, it is initiated by external actors who are the perpetrators of the violence at LasAnod.

Additionally, Somaliland is prepared to welcome the delegation to Hargeisa and is committed to making a constructive commitment to a peaceful resolution of any outstanding issues.”

Lastly, we welcome this statement
“Given the US government’s willingness to use visa restrictions under Section 212(a)(3)(C) to deter individuals who undermine the democratic process, including in Somaliland”

My question on this is, is it possible for the United States to bring a lawsuit against the G21 group, which includes former senior officials, including a former president and former prime ministers, accused of both the Somali federal government and Somaliland of perpetrating actions that violate democratic norms and human rights?”

Here is one clue
More evidence is available throughout various media outlets.

There is a known group called G21 that instigated and still funds the allied militias and terrorist group led by former Somalia President Mohamed Abdilahi Farmajo, former Prime Minister of Somalia Abdiweli Gas, Former Member of Parliament for Kenya Farah, Ma’alin, Federal President of Puntland in Somalia Deni, Governor of Jigjiga Mustafa Agjar and others. (USA mentioned this in the press release, I’m sure you’re not just going to take our word for it, but you’re going to do a more thorough investigation).

Somaliland will first bring peace and stability to LasAnod, as it is just as vital to Somaliland’s democratic process as timely elections.

The conflict in the region had the deleterious effect of transforming LasAnod into a shrine for Al Shabaab and other terrorist groups

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By. A Yasin Jama