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President Donald Trump has given a full pardon for his former National security Adviser Michael Flynn today!!! By. Abdilahi Hassan

Though President made very excellent trial of pardoning a number of his inner circle of 2016 Trump campaign, but the law and the law of the law protects American Justice system that nobody ever escape from committed crimes against the Nation or the rule of law.
President Donald Trump pardoned at least 37 friends all involved in his 2016 campaign irregular behavioral against the US constitution.
Michael Flynn just lied to the FBI investigation related to Russian illegal contact especially Ambassador Sergei- where Michael Just lied under the rule of law in United States of America.
Since Donald Trump surprisingly won 2016 US election, US leadership never be same as usual, due to unexpected President Donald Trump behavior of defy, denial and lie.
America is very amazing Nation too far away to behave like dictatorship- but President Donald Trump never listen and learn from the biggest minds and knowledgeable politicians and all institutions leaders like Health, National Security Agencies, pentagon where he fired Mark Esper and threatens Anthony Fauci to be sucked after the election.
But unfortunately the US population fired President Donald Trump not to be fit for the Oval House, due to his reckless misinformation, negligence and dismantling US people in away that creates violence with full practice of breaking the constitution.
The President pardoned Michael Flynn on Wednesday and tweeted the below mentioned tweet.
Quote- “It is my Great Honor to announce that General Michael T. Flynn has been granted a Full Pardon. Congratulations to @GenFlynn and his wonderful family, I know you will now have a truly fantastic Thanksgiving!” Trump tweeted.
The President pardon of today has been interpreted nice trial and some American citizens tweeted they both go to jail due to breaching the US constitution knowingly and deliberately not once only, but many occasions.
President Donald Trump pardon scheme of the final weeks of his reign seems to be a Bull in China Shop or totally off the rails where he was given the most prestigious and privileged job on the earth. But responds the most inappropriate and unprofessional in American history of leadership.
America surely is a democratic Nation that every protects his/her legacy and truthfully be resilient and deliver patriotic duties in every seconds.
If I were President Donald Trump I would have benefited the American citizens on the front line and be very loyal leader to the country humbly listening and learning from every institution and every officials that sleeplessly work hard protecting United States of America in the first place day one in the office.
But President Donald Trump missed the whole concept and wisdom of American leadership- the promising land that let Donald Trump to lead such respectful Nation- though he never held an governmental office before, the chance was given by Republican Party.
Technically Republican Party does not agree the mess and mismanagement- and really America is better that Banana Republic characteristic nature America unfairly suffered for the last four years.
The illegitimate pardon scheme of approximately thirty seven people would be reviewed and anybody offended that US constitution will be punished including President Donald Trump if found guilty.
Michael Flynn pleaded guilty in two consecutive occasions- but justice department threw away the whole case for the cover up and trampling for the Nation’s Constitution.
Nevertheless, the President Donald Trump scheme of pardoning saves nobody in according with the scale of crimes committed against United States of America constitution that punishes the poor, rich, superior, inferior or anybody equally under the God.
It seems too many Red lights crossings have got no pardoning indeed- the eligibility of constitutional punishment serves right with the respect of the country’s law “United States of America.
There is a new dawn of US leadership getting back on track and better re connection to the International Communities where America stands first to say and lead with quality and profound care throughout the globe.
God bless America.
The elect President was my peculiar hope for the advantage of the world- as Joe Biden is hero among heroes of fellow citizens.
He is very decent man of almost serving this Nation for five decades.
He is professional, trustworthy, believing, experienced and humble leader that regards everyone’s suggestion and value human being dignity and honor.
Whether you believe or not America is back despite of leadership and significant image of undisputed blunders and historical minor setbacks in this leadership.
There is no fundamental grounds of 37 pardoning program of the outgoing government indeed. As suspicious indication clicks every American citizen why as much as thirty seven individuals given protection by the departing Administration led by Donald Trump?
It has simple answer for the culture of embarrassment based on lie, defy and denial; that Eagle eyed Constitution never blinks or looks away for the defensive and patriotic duties of United States of America.
America receives prayers and praises from the half or more 7.8 billions walking on this planet that react and reply the generous donations from USA to the World frequently.
The World gratitude and compliment towards United States of America highlights the strong connection America has the other World that needs to be reinstated now as usual.
The White House never intimidated and bullied for respectful Nations in history before valuing or calling absurdly “Nations of shit-holes” it is time to repair an American diplomatic ties to the World again.

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Abdilahi Hassan.