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Telesom Dahabshiil

Somaliland and Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson is the newly elected Prime Minister of United Kingdom. Most of the people think that he is a racist and that his leadership policy will create a social divisions.

Some others believe that the elite group of people who are the rich will economically be able to slave the rest so that the poor will be poorer and rich will be richer.

Whatever you think of him or believe against him is either based on or related to a racial stigma created by media for the benefit of populism manifestation but not as same as Trump who whose policy is directed and driven from a given book that is full of hatred, arrogance, social division and many more.

The question arises whereon today’s world has ever a leader been elected for being a good and an honest person.

It is an impossible that a nation requests from another to choose a weak and a soft leader but the most civilized countries have created such a foreign policy that produces an interference system towards other countries election systems, just like the ways in which Russia had meddled the US election in 2016. It has been reported today that Russia, China and other countries called a coup of today’s  UK election as Boris Johnson won the election, because of that they think Boris Johnson will hold the lead rope of Donnell Trump for the misattribution against their interest.

I think we can all agree the reasons for having been elected as a Prime Minister has to do his initial campaign for the referendum that is still link to the British foreign policy towards the European Union. But what we can learn from it is that majority of people care more on a strong foreign policy with a sign of patriotism from the leader they trust.

Understand the dreams of the people you lead.  People will not tell you what they dream until they trust you.  They won’t trust you until they feel that you can help them attain their dreams.  Acquiring that understanding can cement a deep, emotional bond between you.

In retaliation to my reference point of strong leadership and a tougher foreign policy can be the biggest reason for Musa Bihi’s presidential winning victory in 2017. In fact his winning of the election was not an accidental but was a deliberate given voice of the people who were waiting for the right leader at the right times.

His vision was to tackle the existing problems inherited from previous govement such as corruption, injustice, open borders and  so forth.

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 As the matter of fact he seemed to be found the most answers for the most fundamental issues that has limped the process of having a good governance and a proper stratigic foreign policy.

The swift move of Tukaraq war had alarmed all interest stakeholders of the region. They start taking their Niqam off to show their actual faces. These are the countries who are supporting to empower the weak and the disable govement of Somalia by using their name for their own political and economical agendas.

For the sake of the current situation, Somaliland govement should grow up from the position of being called “the good boy”. Somaliland should not accept any more hypocritical kisses on one side of its cheek and hard slap from the other cheek  of any country. And if the govement of Somaliland do not take any actions against anyone who is intending to instabilise our security internally or externally may cause a civil disobedience.

In my opinion, I am expecting that Boris Johnson will change the current deplomacy between the United Kingdom and the Government of Somaliland that seems like a denial of recognition at this present time. Somaliland was under the British Protectorates before it gained its independence in 1960, also Boris Johnson’s Brexit plan was to renew the old relationships between the United Kingdom and the commonwealth countries that Somaliland sit on the most stratigic location for any trades to interact between these countries.

By Sociologist Siciid Ciise Ileeye

The views expressed in this article belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Araweelo News Network

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