#Safeguarding Regional #Interdependence: The Somaliland Coastal Guard’s Role in Securing the Gulf of Aden


Written by  Read here for the full text.Yusuf Idaan Senior Lecturer and Researcher.



In the intricate maritime landscape of the Horn of Africa, where geopolitical, economic, and security interests intersect, the security of coastal nations holds significant implications not only for the region but also for global maritime trade and stability. Somaliland, with its strategic perch along the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea since its declaration of independence in 1991, stands at the nexus of these intricate dynamics. Its extensive coastline and strategic location make it both a hub of maritime activity and a focal point for various security challenges that reverberate far beyond its borders.


Since its inception, Somaliland has grappled with the imperative of harnessing the immense potential of its maritime domain while simultaneously mitigating the risks posed by piracy, smuggling, and transnational terrorism. The Gulf of Aden, where Somaliland’s coastline extends, serves as a vital maritime corridor connecting the Red Sea to the Indian Ocean, facilitating the passage of goods and energy resources between Europe, Asia, and Africa. However, this strategic waterway is also plagued by persistent security threats, ranging from piracy and maritime terrorism to illicit trafficking activities.

Against this backdrop, Somaliland’s maritime security landscape emerges as a microcosm of thebroader challenges facing coastal nations in the region. The proliferation of,, Read More.


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Written by  Gulaid Yusuf Idaan Senior Lecturer and Researcher.


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