The appointment of Somali President Hasan Sheikh’s special envoy to Somaliland




There has been a lot of attention on the appointment of Somali President Hasan Sheikh’s special envoy to Somaliland. However, I see this as a positive step towards reinitiating dialogue between Somalia and Somaliland, which has been overlooked and interrupted by the previous Farmaajo government.

I believe that the appointment of a representative and the initiation of further discussions are crucial for several reasons.

Firstly, the talks between Somaliland and Somalia started ten years ago, and it is essential to continue the dialogue to reach a conclusive decision.

Secondly, in 1960, the world advised Somaliland not to rush into joining with Somalia until it was ready, and it is now up to both Somaliland and Somalia to come to an agreement.

I also congratulate Mr. Abdi_Karim Hussein Guled, who has been appointed for the talks on the Somali side, and wish him the best in his new role.

In conclusion, I urge President Muse Bihi and President Hasan Sheikh Mohamoud to approach this discussion wisely and professionally, with the goal of resolving the issue between Somalia and Somaliland.

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Ahmed_Yasin Mohamed Jama