The plangency for the Somali Ministry of foreign Affairs spouting out was unprofessional and apolitical!!!

The little curiosity tweet from Somali Ministry of Foreign Affairs completely was awful and chicken out for the basis of scale and diplomatic terms applied for that briefest and summary declaration. The bogus and frustrated denouncement against Somaliland Republic seemed causing huge damage and divisive dooms for the population of Somaliland Republic and its leader/President Muse Biihi Abdi.

The durability and reputation of that tweet was absolutely very awful that embarrassed the Nation of Somalia quite extremely. It entirely dismissed the safeguards of the main objective of protecting and defending Somali-hood without obsessing the Somaliland Republic case. The tweet could not have chosen the right diplomatic statement sending genuine message to President Uhuru Kenyatta and putting the shoulder to shoulder the Somaliland Republic in friendly way rather than hostile.

Whoever sends that message from the account of Somali Ministry of foreign Affairs extremely scattered the fractured strength rather than uniting and seeking for sympathetic means of fundamental support.

The vigorous decapitation and deception of Somalia vitality was gigantic- because of not attacking Somali people and Kenyan Government at the same time. In such situation an immediate meeting could normally conducted to respond in such National issues with vigilant consultations for the President, The Chief of National Security, Homeland Security Agencies and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Carefully the correct statement in national level could be directed to Kenyan Government- avoiding any assaults towards fellow Somali people. I guess, the mistake of that tweet puts Somalia in weak position, for not putting forward smart plan to intercept and prevail over the rival Country of Somalia.

As matter of fact, Somaliland Republic is not your enemy or federal government state- you have to come up with mentality and maneuver of high intelligence to court your fellow Somalis support in such cases. Disenfranchising Somaliland Republic population referendum votes that 97.7% agreed re-instating in 1960 role and governance cannot be repudiated by little unprofessional and inappropriate tweet with zero influences indeed.

The disrespect and bogus moment of history show critical and ignorance of Somali Foreign Affairs Ministry that could not choose the right words with reaction of Uhuru Kenyatta political game. Hang on, Somaliland Republic is not Somali Federal Government member States- because we were only two Nations. Somaliland British Protectorate and Italian partnership of Somalia. Somaliland Republic backed off and renewed in 1960 Commonwealth position- where Kenya and Uganda include the bloc states of British Commonwealth Countries.

One thing really Somaliland Republic never escapes could be belonging Somali ethnicity. But being part of Somali Federal government States is baseless and unfounded.

As being one of the politicians or diplomats bringing Somalia and Somaliland Republic closer and understandable- in accordance with the number populations of our neighboring Countries. Such fool and illiterate belonging to that nonsense tweet dispersed and undo the stitches and knot of Somalia and Somaliland Republic without any formal treaty currently about the issue standing.

The concise statement Somali Ministry of Foreign Affairs tweeted encourages inflammatory speeches and unrest conflict between Somalia and Republic of Somaliland Republic. I am fully aware of the sensitive and serious case between Somalia and Kenya. But my Nation of Somaliland never throws a punch towards Somalia at this very crucial time.

Though, Somaliland Republic rebukes and denounces the unsubstantiated claims of Somali Foreign Ministry. The International Community’s deeply aware of that Somalia and Somaliland Republic were twin brothers amalgamated in 1960.

But separated again after certain years of domination, denial and dooms against Somaliland Republic. However, let us not sever our fundamental brotherhood and ethnicity that could initiate and sustain reliable and profound collaboration in all time- without bullying and broadcasting baseless claims. I was deeply disappointed the shambolic and Shenanigan stupidity of Somali Foreign Ministry tweet.

In Somalia for the best of my knowledge there is no Federal member state indeed. The UN Security Council knows that and no country buy that clear lie indeed. The mischievous resonance wins no attention and Foreign Ministry of Somalia should be appointed very professional individuals that understand politics down deep. I do not know whether the tweet below shown was Ministerial statement.

But Federal State members story is entirely fabrication, as the twin States United in 1960 torn apart with dissatisfaction, oppression and injustice of governmental share and equal rights to all in 1991. Somalia deserves colossal respect, but nobody obstructs or blocks Somaliland Republic eligibility and principle- as our knowledgeable diplomats approach the world and vindicate the history.

The views expressed in this article belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Araweelo News Network. Written by. Abdilahi Hassan

Goodwill Ambassador of Somaliland Republic.