As far as diplomatic concepts are concerned, the statement suggests that the ambassador is engaging in conflict resolution and peace-building efforts by encouraging the President to take measures to prevent further violence and foster stability at Las Anod.

The statement also suggests that there is a state of political unrest in the town of Las Aod, that we are all aware of, and that President Bihi has the authority to take measures to prevent further violence and maintain order at Laascaanood, Understandably, it also suggests that this may entail recourse to law enforcement or military forces to get rid of foreigners and terrorist groups in order to avoid further or larger disturbances..

The second part of the statement suggests that there are disagreements regarding the electoral process in SOMALILAND,
Which we already know, and that the President have the capacity to take steps to address these concerns and ensure that the next election takes place at an agreed time.

Another objective of the ambassador can be the promotion of democracy by encouraging the president to ensure that the electoral process continues through the promotion of democratic principles and institutions.

On the diplomatic level, the situation described in this statement appears to link the conflict in the city of Las Anod and the President’s role in promoting peace and stability in the region.

The two phrases that have created confusion among the people are:

1. The phrase “create a distance between the forces” of course, there are two sides that are at war with each other, the allied invading foreign militias and terrorist groups against the powerful SOMALILAND armed forces and that there is a high risk of violent conflict, and that the President has the power to either minimize the risk, Act peacefully using diplomatic channels to promote dialogue and negotiation or take action. This could entail the deployment of more forces to end the chaotic situation and bring peace to the town of Laascaanood.


2. The expression “announcing a roadmap for the upcoming elections” suggests that there may be concerns about the elections and that the President have the capacity to take measures to address these concerns and ensure that the next elections take place peacefully.


In conclusion and in terms of other diplomatic concepts, perhaps the situation at Las Anod may need to relate to such principles. the prevention of conflict, the consolidation of peace and the promotion of democracy. Conflict prevention that involves identifying and addressing the root causes of potential conflicts before they escalate into greater violence.

the consolidation of peace requires the promotion of the conditions for lasting peace and stability through dialogue, reconciliation and institutional reforms.

Promoting democracy involves supporting the development and maintenance of democratic institutions and processes in SOMALILAND.

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By. A Yasin Jama