As mentioned in my previous article, Somaliland’s presidential election is approaching. I hope the people of Somaliland are ready to choose their new president. It’s not easy to choose the right person. As we know, Somaliland faces many challenges similar to our neighbor countries including socio-economic problems. Many economists, including myself, are aware that Somaliland has rich natural resources. Therefore, if Somaliland’s people choose a great leader, he will solve our socio-economic problems. The question is what kind of leadership do we need to choose in this election?


I strongly recommend the people of Somaliland to choose a charismatic leader, because charismatic leaders can generate social changes in Somaliland. Charismatic leaders have the ability to break down, move, and alter the mindset of their followers with ease; it’s very easy for them and also comes very natural. Charismatic leadership is the leadership approach that creates positive and valuable change in the followers. It is a leadership style that leads to changes that are positive to the followers. Charismatic leader is enthusiastic, passionate and energetic. This leader is involved and concerned in any process and they are ever focused in helping each and every member of his people. Charismatic leader also enhances morale, motivation and the performance of the people.

We know the characteristics of great leadership, it is time for us to choose the most qualified candidate. This is time for all Somaliland people to choose the right person in our nation’s future, because Somaliland needs a good president with great experience and clear goals and vision. Somaliland’s people need someone who can build the nation’s unity and deal with international and local challenges in order to solve all issues.

Somaliland’s people need to get the person who thinks about the nation’s interest first, not his interest first. I always watch Somaliland websites and there are many events in order to support Somaliland political parts. Many international community eyes are waiting for Somaliland’s presidential election therefore, I hope Somaliland election will be a free and fair election.

In conclusion, Somaliland people just need a great leader who will build our nation, keep the peace, and solve our challenges including socio-economic problems. If Somaliland people choose a charismatic leader with clear vision and goals, there is no doubt we will reach our nation’s goals.

Ali A. Hori, M.Ed,

San Diego, CA.