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So, now it is out in the open. The German Foreign Minister has stated that we are at war with Russia.

The mainstream media was too concerned with the usual dross to notice, but this means that World War III has officially started.

On the day that Germany announced WWIII, the leading section of the BBC’s news site carried no mention of the German Foreign Minister’s announcement but managed to find space for the following headlines: ‘Homeowner’s fury over sofa wedged in stairs’ and ‘BBC News Presenter gets emotional in last ever sign off’.

And once again, for the third time, a world war was officially started by Germany.

This is no big surprise. I mentioned many months ago that German citizens were hearing Air Raid Warning signals being tested.

And, of course, many months ago, the UK and the US pulled out of peace talks and abandoned any attempt to negotiate a settlement with Russia.

US President Biden and European Ministers and the UK are all sending tanks to Ukraine (one of the most corrupt countries in the world) to fight Russia. (Biden, of course, has financial links with the Ukraine.)

The odd thing is that the Ukraine has over 1,000 tanks already. So the few dozen the West is sending – and which will take months to arrive – will not make a great deal of difference. This is a tactical donation. Military experts claim that some of the promised arms will take nearly three years to arrive in the Ukraine. Is that a sign of how long the West is hoping this war will last?

And, of course, those tanks will need trained soldiers. You can’t just hand over tanks and expect the Ukrainians to know how to use them. Apart from anything else, Ukraine has very few soldiers left. Around 150,000 Ukranian soldiers have been killed and several hundred thousand have been wounded. (In comparison, of the 600,000 Russian soldiers in Ukraine, between 16,000 to 25,000 have died.)

But the tanks aren’t enough for Ukraine.

Ukraine, which is losing its war, now wants warships, submarines and planes.

Seriously. Check it out.

And they’ll get them.

Moreover, the US wants Israel to send equipment too. And, since the Ukraine President is Jewish, I suspect that Israel will play footsie (though they’ll doubtless expect the American taxpayers to send them lots of expensive new toys as a reward).

The thing to remember is that the conspirators want nuclear war.

It’s a great way to kill people and reduce the global population.

When the bombs really start flying, the conspirators will be safe in their underground bunkers and on their well-equipped super-yachts.

People living in big cities have no idea just what is happening.

Once World War III gets going it will be over in minutes.

Please share the article which I put up on 25th January, entitled ‘We’re Heading for Nuclear War[1]’. And share the warning video entitled ‘Why THEY Need World War III[2]’ which I put up on 3rd May 2022.

Things are moving fast.

The mainstream media won’t tell you any of this. They are covering up what is happening with trivia. In the UK, the Government is meeting – to discuss how to win the next election.

The BBC, and the rest of the propaganda machine, won’t tell you that Ukraine is now sending 16-year-olds and old men into war. They won’t tell you that press gangs are rounding up cannon fodder. They won’t tell you that Ukraine soldiers, untrained for war, are deserting. And all the time the infrastructure in the Ukraine is being destroyed.

The West is allowing the deliberate destruction of the Ukraine because there is a hidden agenda and the idiots in the West who are waving or wearing Ukraine flags are part of the genocide. NATO knows, of course, that the Ukraine is losing and I suspect the conspirators want to keep the war going for as long as possible – to maximise the number of deaths. Hence the west is supplying bombs and bullets and tanks – and will soon be supplying aeroplanes, warships and submarines.

We are now officially at war with Russia.

I wonder how many people understand what that means.

We have, as I feared, been led blindly into the confrontation the conspirators have been heading towards. Now, with the Ukraine losing the war, the USA, the UK and the EU want to continue to push Russia as hard as they can. And they want WWIII in order to annihilate the Russians.

All this will damage the environment massively. It will lead to massively increased food and fuel prices. And there will be hundreds of millions of deaths in Africa and Asia where people simply cannot afford to buy food or fuel. (Oddly, I haven’t heard the crazed climate change cultists complaining about the damage to the environment. That’s because their strings are pulled by the conspirators.)

Most of the commentators simply don’t understand that everything is deliberate.

Remember: nothing happens by accident.

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