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Several months in the UEFA EURO qualification these two black players in the English squad have missed penalties (i.e Rashford & Saka) where England has been defeated for their faults.

Then the response from the English people, especially the English National Squad fans related by heinous racism allegations. But when the white Harry Kane scored the penalty goal they praised him very well.

The English fans stated that the lost penalty of the black players ( I.e Rashfor & Saka ) were a black lost for the English National team. They meant to disgrace the black players stating that their cause failure was black one.

Recently Harry Kane missed a penalty in the world cup in a semi final match between England vs France. If Harry Kane could have been scored the penalty shots could have been continued and there were possibilities for England to win and the Nation could have been Qualifed in the semi final.

Unfortunately Harry Kane missed the penalty and England disqualified from the world cup. What a surprise, No a single accusations for Harry Kane from white English racists , but in vice versa they stated that they share him of his pain caused by the defeat.

So in English National team when the white man causes the defeat they share pain with him, but when a black man causes defeat they accuse him and his color without sharing pain with him.

This is our wicked world.

No To Racism

Writing by Dr. Ahmed Hassan Salah and first published this article on Araweelo News Network. Salah is a writer and diplomat who comments on politics and international relations and advocates for Somaliland’s identity. He has published articles and videos on the way Somaliland can legally get its identity, which have been published on the Araweelo News Network.