Hamas fighters fired at Al-Qazm rockets to Tel Aviv


Gaza (ANN)-10 Palestinian children were killed in an Israeli airstrike on Nuseirat Camp, according to Al-Aqsa TV. The IDF said its troops killed a number of Hamas gunmen who opened fire at the ground forces in the Gaza Strip.


The IDF said it identified Hamas militants on the beach in Gaza near the southern Israel community of Zikim. The White House warned that Israel must do everything it can to protect innocent people in Gaza by distinguishing them from Hamas militants.

Israel has sent more troops into Gaza, stepping up what it describes as a “ground operation” as the UN again pleads for a ceasefire amid a growing humanitarian crisis.

In the past 24 hours, Israeli defence forces claim to have hit 450 targets in the Palestinian enclave, while thousands of Palestinians raided a UN relief depot at the weekend in search of food.

The Israeli IDF Israeli forces say they “continue to gradually expand our combat operations according to the plans in order to achieve the goal of the war.” According to the spokesman, the IDF is continuing with “mass air strikes” to safeguard its forces and to “destroy” Hamas targets. Hamas fighters fired rockets Al-Qazm at Tel Aviv and other cities in Israel on Monday night, although the damage was not reported.

On the other hand, Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdolahian said claims that Iran was directly connected to the October 7 attack by Hamas were “baseless”.

However, Israel’s genocide in Gaza has shocked the conscience of the entire world, with an endless flow of videos and images of Palestinian children cut into pieces by American bombs dropped by Israeli warplanes deliberately intended to destroy a civilian population.

Despite the explicitly genocidal rhetoric of Israeli officials, Western leaders continue to proclaim their support for Israel’s right to “defend itself.” But this war on Gaza is different from past wars, not only in the level of Israeli aggression, But in the reaction on the street, from the Middle East to the United States

Israel is losing the narrative war. Most people want to see a ceasefire and tens of thousands have protested across the US to demonstrate their opposition to Biden’s unconditional support for this genocide.

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