Gaza (ANN)-Israeli occupation forces have withdrawn from the Al-Shifa Medical Complex without discovering any weapons. Despite their departure, tanks continue to hover on the outskirts of the hospital, creating an atmosphere of unease.

  According to Muhammad Abu Salmiya, the Director General of Al-Shifa Medical Complex, made this revelation late on Wednesday, asserting once again that no military equipment or arms were ever harbored within the hospital’s walls. He emphasized the hospital’s strict policy against accommodating any weaponry.

Abu Salmiya lamented the futility of their attempts to engage international organizations, whose intervention failed to deter the occupation from this alleged war crime in the Gaza Strip. Disturbingly, the Director General disclosed that two medical engineers were apprehended during the incident, while numerous medical staff received interrogations within the complex.    

On the other hand, Amidst the escalating crisis, Qatar has called for an urgent international investigation into the Israeli raids on medical facilities within the Gaza Strip.

  The Qatari Foreign Ministry issued a statement denouncing Israeli war crimes, particularly highlighting the targeting of hospitals by the Israeli occupation army. There is growing pressure on the United Nations to intervene and shed light on these grave violations.  

Hamas, the Palestinian political and military organization, placed the responsibility of the raid on the President of the United States, Joe Biden. In response, the US State Department spokesperson, John Kirby, stated that the US did not authorize nor support any military operations near the hospital.

This revelation further exposes Israeli lies and propaganda surrounding the incident.   Hamas categorically dismissed the Israeli occupation’s claims of weapons within Al-Shifa Hospital, stating that it is yet another fabricated narrative intended to justify the destruction of Gaza’s health sector.  

The movement highlighted that this propaganda mirrors the previous occupation’s invasion of al-Rantisi Children’s Hospital, where weapons were strategically placed to create a false narrative. However, they assert that the international community is no longer falling for these deceptive tactics.

Meanwhile ,the reporter of Al-Manar TV from Lebanon, noted that the Israeli artillery targeted the Israeli occupation forces and left the medical center in Al-Shifa without finding any weapons.

Although they were leaving, the tanks were still hovering over the Hospital, creating a tense atmosphere.

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By Arraale M Jama Freelance Journalist and Human Rights activist.

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