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Dahabshiil hands over medical supplies to Hargeisa Group Hospital

Dahabshiil hands over medical supplies to Hargeisa Group Hospital

Burao(ANN)Burao General Hospital received a total of nine, fully packed cartons containing medical supplies from Dahabshiil in a brief ceremony held at the hospital grounds on Tuesday.
Eight of the cartons contained drugs that could benefit 2500 in-patients and were largely meant for general medicine purposes.

The ninth was for Mandhaye Psychiatric Hospital in the city.

The medical supplies were organized and delivered by Dr. Adan Beergeel, a Canadian Somalilander.

Doctor Adan, said ” the procurement of eight of these cartons, containing medical drugs for general medicine patients, were financially supported by Dahabshiil. The ninth was donated without any cost containing drugs that can cover help patients, for example, suffering depression and psychosis”.

Dr. Adan said the drugs meant for patients beset by psychiatric-related maladies would adequately cover a number of these cares for not less than 6 months.
Ahmed Adan, representing Dahabshiil, stated that as this delivery was not the first so it was not going to be the last.