Lebanon (ANN)- “The weapons remain in our hands.” HIizbollah threatened by Israel, who attacked the land occupied by the Jews, and noted that the elimination of Hamas that Israel wants is an illusion, said Hizbullah.

The continuation of the war in Gaza, which is also going on in Lebanon, has clearly shown that the war is spreading in the region. Since Sunday morning, the Lebanon front has witnessed an expansion and escalation in the intensity of clashes between Hezbollah and the Al-Qassam Brigades on the one hand, and the Israeli occupation army on the other hand, in various sectors.


Al-Qassam Brigades – Lebanon claimed responsibility for bombing northern Haifa, Shlomi and Nahariya with several missile salvos, as Israeli media reported that Iron Dome intercepted a number of missiles over Haifa and Acre.


For its part, Hezbollah announced in separate statements that it had targeted an Israeli infantry force in Birkat Risha, and a gathering of occupation soldiers in the Al-Tahit triangle in Ruwaisat Al-Asi with appropriate weapons and achieved confirmed casualties, and the Zarait barracks with artillery shells in which they achieved direct casualties, in addition to targeting an Israeli “logistical force.” Near the Dovev barracks, opposite the town of Yaron, they were in the process of erecting transmission poles


The occupation army announced that 6 Israelis were seriously injured as a result of a missile fired from Lebanese territory towards the Doviv settlement.

Meanwhile,  Al-Arabi’s correspondent on the northern border between Lebanon and occupied Palestine stated that the local councils in the northern border settlements fear the movements of the Radwan Division affiliated with Hezbollah, which is present on the northern front, and the repetition of the “Al-Aqsa Flood” scenario in their settlements.

The report added that some heads of local councils on the northern border boycotted the meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Tel Aviv and invited him to visit their settlements on the border with southern Lebanon, as they believe that he is afraid to visit the northern border so as not to show that this front is involved in the war on Gaza.

The Jewish government, which has the support of the American alliance, continues to attack hospitals and civilian buildings, which the world has described as a cruel act of genocide.
Israel responded to Hizbollah’s attacks by targeting southern Lebanon, where Hizbollah’s military bases are located.

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By Arraale M Jama Freelance Journalist and Human Rights activist.

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