Tehran)ANN) –Iran unveils indigenously-developed smart technology capable of diagnosing infection with the new coronavirus with the help of artificial intelligence and use of CT scan.

According by Press Tv, The technology produced by experts at Iranian science-based enterprises was wheeled in, in the presence of Iran’s Deputy President for Science and Technology, Sourena Sattari, Fars News Agency reported on Saturday

“A number of the companies managed to introduce a new method for diagnosing coronavirus’ [infection] by resorting to artificial intelligence,” he said, describing the innovation.

He said the new method opens up “a new perspective for high-precision diagnosis of the coronavirus with the use of CT scan.”

The state-of-the-art know-how can now be deployed across many hospitals countrywide, the official announced.

Sattari said such enterprises as the ones, who gave birth to the new method, had made much progress over the recent years and “were [now] on the frontline of the battle [against the infection].

Iran needless of medical imports

According to the official, the level of productivity that has come about across the country since emergence of the outbreak has rendered the Islamic Republic needless of all virus-related medical imports.

‘250,000 modern testing kits’

Apart from the companies, the innovative ecosystem contributing to the virus fight also comprises research centers and various universities, which are active in the area of biotechnology, Sattari said.

The cycle of innovation had led to development of modern diagnostic kits, with two of the enterprises producing 250,000 of the devices so far, he added. The companies possess the potential to produce as many as 100,000 of the kits per week, he added.

‘4-fold rise in facemask output’

Production of preventive facemasks has also witnessed a four-fold-plus increase, Sattari noted, but said the production level still had to rise far higher.

Science-based organizations were also heavily engaged in clinical tests on remedial pharmaceutical protocols, an endeavor that has lifted up any need for medicine imports as the country confronts the outbreak, he said.

After emergence, the outbreak created a need for ventilators that can be used to turn a normal hospital bed to an intensive care unit one, the official stated. Two of the scientific companies, therefore, embarked on producing the devices, making up for any shortages that countrywide hospitals faced in the areas, he added.

The novel virus emerged in central China late last year. It can cause a potentially fatal respiratory infection that is called Covid-19.

The pandemic has claimed 61,144 people and infected 1,139,112 others worldwide ever since. In Iran, it has taken the lives of 3,452 according report by Press Tv.