Report: By. Arraale M Jaama Freelance Journalist and Human Rights Activist

Hargeisa(ANN)-The President of the Republic of Somaliland, Muse Bihi Abdi, said that the condition of the Coronavirus COVID-19 had entered a new phase in the country, so he called on the community to be extra vigilant against the disease, as new conditions have arisen.

President Muse said he spoke to media today in the Somaliland Ministry of Health Development office in Hargeisa, stressing that the new situation is ready, according to the government.

President Bihi said that while it is clear that COVID-19 has reached a high level of mortality in Somaliland, the number of COVID-19, which is expected to increase, is likely to increase. to start his work soon.

“We have a death, we have the disease, and the doctors have told me in the formula that if you find someone who has been infected, there must be another fifty, so you need to, and it does, for two. “Within days, the scan will be done here, and when the investigation is started I’m sure there will be a large number of cases,” said President Bihi, referring to the growing COVID-19 situation.

The President, sending a message in response to the new condition of the Coronavirus, said to the public, “Everyone who hears me must change his mind, because we have an enemy, whom you cannot see and his weapons. the blow and the tank and the gun and the gun are warmer and faster and more like a fire in the forests when everything starts to fall. “

He emphasized to the public that the government’s efforts will only succeed when the public pays attention, “The government acts when people hear what they are told, and it cannot wake them up if the doctor says to them,” You will die. “And say, ‘Let me die’, is he not like the man who said, ‘Let me die today’, so we cannot exert ourselves and change our minds unless we change our minds.” He said, President Bihi blames the community for not paying attention to messages and government decisions to prevent the risk of Coronavirus.

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On the other hand, President Bihi, spoke of the khat ban coming from Ethiopia, to prevent the spread of Covid-19, as well as to protect the public from ill health and the unexpected effects of the disease. The problems that resulted, saying, “I was expecting traffickers and people who were chasing qat, but I didn’t expect thirty percent (30%) of the community to move at the same time, saying,” where is the truck, “which is a car and one? “This is another problem that we have raised to protect our people,” he said, insisting the President’s decision to ban Khat had made many of the community better.

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The government of Somaliland has announced the first case of Coronavirus deaths, and on the other hand it has announced an increase in numbers to date. So far nothing has been investigated yet.

According to Somaliland’s Minister of Health Omar Ali Abdullahi Badde, a member of the National Committee for the Prevention and Control of Covid-19, on 2 May 2020, he spoke to the media at his office and said it was the first case in the country. Somaliland who died from Coronavirus in Borama town of Awdal region, with whom the ministry was aware of his condition, before dying of Coronavirus COVID-19.

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Source: Araweelo News Network