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File Photo Somaliland celebrated the 25th anniversary of its declaration of independence with a parade in the capital city of Hargeisa on May 18, 2016.
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Hargeisa(ANN)-The Somaliland Diaspora Agency under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation sends congratulations to all Somaliland Diaspora communities abroad on the commemoration of Somaliland 27th Anniversary 18 May 2018 started from when the country reasserted independence from Somalia 18 May 1991.

We are especially grateful to the Somaliland Diaspora communities who are commemorating 18 May in nearly in nearly 50 capitals and major cities abroad in Western Europe, North America, North and East Africa, Western and Southern Africa, the Gulf Countries, and Australia.

Since the Anniversary coincide with the Holly Month Ramadaan, and Somalilanders, most events are taking place on the Saturday May 12th and between the 12th and 15th dates in the month in the most foreign countries Somalilanders live.

18 May Events are being held in nearly 50 capitals and major cities within 32 countries namely UK, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Italy, Switzerland, Ireland ,Turkey, Canada, USA, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania, Egypt, South Africa, Zambia, UAE, S/Arabia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, India, China, Philippines, Australia, and other countries while the number may probably exceed as confirmed in the Calendar of the Events. We are also thankful to and appreciate their patriotism the Somaliland Students Associations in certain countries in Africa, and Asia including Ethiopia, Sudan, Malaysia, Bangladesh, China, India, Philippines, and also in Turkey who hold May Events with contributions they deduct from their University Learning Fees every year to greaten this National Day Commemoration.

Alongside the Communities Events, , there are highly organized conferences and receptions by Somaliland Missions in 16 countries which they are inviting Diplomats, MPs, Councilors, Politicians, International Organizations, friends of Somaliland, and prominent persons in the receiving countries which also Diaspora committees have roles in some places, whilst the community events and the receptions are merged in single occasion. There are also demonstrations and Diaspora rallies for the exposure of Somaliland cause and its people self-determination to the international community which are held in certain countries including Canada, Sweden, and UK.

Those Events in the Diaspora are mostly conducted on basis of Somaliland MOFA Ministerial Instruction Action Plan for 18 May Celebrations abroad which the Representatives, and the Diaspora Organizers have to adhere, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly advises all the committees to ensure inviting and participation of other important persons and institutions in their events in order to raise awareness of other parties in the fact of Somaliland Case for Recognition, create working relations, and acquire new friends for Somaliland.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation has sent limited number of delegations to limited number of countries including UK, Sweden, Finland, Germany, The Netherlands, Norway, Canada, USA, and S/Arabia, while there are also other delegations consisting government officials, and from political parties or other councils who independently travelled to celebrate 18 May Events with Somalilanders in some foreign countries.

In addition, Somaliland Diaspora Associations are taking this opportunity to raise funds or launch essential projects they are willing to contribute to in Somaliland in the areas of youth and sports, especial needs education, water services, and infrastructure.

Finally, we are calling for the Somalianders in the different world regions including DRC Congo, Angola, Botswana, Mozambique, Rwanda, Burundi, and in elsewhere Africa, as well as Asia, and South America to organize themselves and celebrate the Great Anniversary 18 May 2018. We are also calling for all Somalilanders in the Diaspora to put Somaliland Flag on top of their



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