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#Somaliland: The WADDANI Party members Complaint with The Approved Law


Hargeisa (ANN) -Somaliland’s House of Representatives has today unanimously approved amendments to the Political Parties and Associations Act, which has been debated by members of the House of Representatives in recent days.

However, some of the setup outside at the session passed the bill, which guest-of-process changes and additions to the law, the national parties and organizations of the legislative Low  /L/r14. Brought to the council last week.


Chairman Bashe Mohamed Farah, presided over the meeting, and the House of Representatives approved item by item amendments and supplements to the Law on the Opening of Political Associations, which allows for the reopening of Political Associations when their term expires in 2022.


In a meeting attended by 44 members of the 80-member House of Representatives, 40 lawmakers approved the bill, 3 rejected it and the speaker did not vote.


The lawmakers in the front yard of the hall who did not participate in the voting were mostly WADANI party lawmakers, who expressed their dissatisfaction with the amended and supplemented law /L/r14. Some MPs said that interest and there are specific motives behind the bill, arguing that members of the ruling Kulmiye party have a vested interest in the bill.


Last week, when the bill was tabled, concerns were raised that the bill would be tailored to a specific individual, and when the commission was appointed, the council presented a report on its proposed amendments and additions, which the council raised its voice.

One of the major changes to the law is that at the end of the term, political parties will be able to compete directly, instead of running for local councils.

The law also stipulates that at the end of the term of the party we will not be able to hold council and presidential elections, but the competition of associations may be held, which makes it clear that the term will be extended when its term expires.

Other amendments to the amendment include the composition of the Commission of Associations and parties and the amount of money to be paid by those who want to start an association, with the amount doubled.

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