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Djibouti, (ANN) -Djibouti’s President Ismail Omar Guelleh has been declared the winner of a by-election after the opposition boycotted the by-elections, with the only candidate in the race refusing to cast his ballot.

Djibouti’s Only Candidate Opposition Zakariya Refuses to Vote

He was received by a delegation from the African Union (AU) who visited Zakaria Ismail Farah’s home yesterday, handcuffed.


President Guelleh re-elected for a fifth term with 98% of the vote (preliminary results). The main opposition parties boycotted the vote.  The only candidate on the ballot paper, Zakaria Ismaill, is a newcomer to politics and does not appear to have a real chance of winning the presidency.

Preliminary results were expected, as no one was running against President Guelleh, and most Djiboutians did not turn out because they saw no competition. President Guelleh.

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African Union delegation, which was received by Zakariya Ismail Farah handcuffed. 9 April 2021, Image Araweelo News Network.

The only candidate running for the presidency was businessman Zakaria Ismail Farah, who yesterday refused to cast his ballot, and was received by an African Union delegation who visited his home with his hands and mouth closed, showing how unlikely Djibouti was. There is no democracy and no free and fair elections.

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