Written By. Nasri Mubarak Baghrib

He did not seek to emerge or fame throughout his life, and he lived his own philosophy of simplicity and asceticism in the enjoyment of the world and its decoration and hypocrisy. Despite his queens of creativity and human excellence in his society that makes him proud of himself, and prides himself with his mind.

(Hamed Jama Hussein (aka حامد جامع) ) left our world on Monday silently away from the noise and lights as he loved and carried the simple people his body to the restless place without accompanying or comforting the death of any official or prominent figure.

Yes, we will hear tomorrow or the day after that the official or the public fighter or personal Eltanin has sent a cable of condolences through the media to his family and members as a kind of social hypocrisy towards a unique personality I love simple people Aden loved him and was one of him
Hamed Jama. The embodiment of the yoke of civil, cultural and social heritage Aden, born and raised and died Aden and mixed his entity in the city and its people, culture and people .

Hamed Jama Hussein (aka حامد جامع) dug a mosque in the valleys of Aden and understood and understood and did not find it necessary to identify with it adore indispensable .. It is Adeni belonging to the civil Aden and not to the tribe or sect or region.

He loved his city and his mother, Aden, and loved him to educate her schools, libraries, platforms of culture, literature, journalism and politics.

He was a true intellectual, carrying a great humanitarian cause and a sincere principle that would not budge. He was pure to the point of serenity and innocent to the point of childhood.

Hamed jama collector (pen) and the book and illuminated his way and walked the path of his life, read a lot of various types of knowledge, and wrote on issues of thought, culture, literature, politics and the press .., and translated a lot of writings and writings from English to Arabic, Of the most important magazines and newspapers that were issued sober Aden and others.

The convictions (Hamed Jama Hussein (aka حامد جامع) ) solid static did not affect the norms of time and fluctuations and temptations and frustrations .., I have a pride and chastity in the self rarely find much now among many intellectuals.
He never bowed, Toda lived upright, and died dearly high .. did not beg in front of the offices of officials or militants old or new as did many semi-intellectuals and politicians. He was suffering from the hardship of living and tightness of the same hand, and did not complain to anyone, Asceticism about marriage and having children so as not to suffer with the pain of life and falsehood in a society ravaged by cruelty and hypocrisy to the extent of shit.

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I used to meet him constantly smiling at me whenever he saw me greet him .. I see him reflecting on the reality of the decaying sitting on his chair opposite the headquarters of the Tagammu Party (Omar Jawi Party) or on the doorstep of the locked door of the Herikin Cinema Crater Aden with a group of great intellectuals who resemble some of the characteristics of chastity and simplicity And thought civilization .., and almost a daily protein I stopped to congratulate when I see him sitting in the ether place every evening and exchange a brief talk about the state of the country and slaves were Africans in the hope of meeting another day.

the son of Aden, the intellectual, translator, writer, journalist and political figure Hamed Jama Hussein, (aka حامد جامع)
the son of Aden, the intellectual, translator, writer, journalist and political figure Hamed Jama Hussein, (aka حامد جامع)

Perhaps the most intense stage with which the conversation and ideas came was the difficult days that we experienced during the siege of the Houthi gangs of Crater after Aden in 2015, and he spoke with me wisely intellectual and son of Aden, aware of the secrets of history and the natures of the inhabitants of this city .. He told me that this city only accepts the splendor of the day, a city found to resist underdevelopment and its history is a witness to it, and no forces will be able to destroy its civilization. Yes, it may face its relapse, stupidity and strong winds, but it will rise again even after a while.

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He gave us important doses of hope and morale that eased our alarm over the future of the city due to the barbarity and the dreadful backwardness it is exposed to. from time.
His words continued to be heard after the defeat of the Houthi gangs from Aden and the victory of their sons over the legions of darkness. Civilian philosophical open and authentic.
God’s mercy on you, our teacher and friend thinker and writer and intellectual great / Hamed Jama Hussein (aka حامد جامع) collector .., and God bless you with his mercy and forgiveness roomy paradise .. And inspired us and all your patience and solace …. We are God and we are back.

By. Nasri Mubarak Baghrib

نصر مبارك باغريب