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According to my experience in the Kenyan plotics and social affairs Raila Odinga wont be elected as the official president of Kenya. Becosue Raila Odinga’s father whose name was jaramongi Oginga odinga was a great figure in the kenyans politics , he was one of the famous freedom fighter as well. but he never became the president of Kenya since though he deserved it. he missed this great opportunity due to his tribe become he was from the Jalwo tribe.

The kikuyu tribe had a close and friendly alliances with the British colonial Administration, whilst the Jalwo tribe fought the British colonial admiration, so the British colonial administration have awarded Kenya’s leadership to the kikuyu tribe. this is why kikuyu believes that kenya belongs to them and this is why had a rival competition with jalwo tirbe who Is the second largest tribe in Kenya.

So jaramongo oginga Odinga who is Raila Odinga’s father missed this opportunity due to his clan known as Jalwo tribe. Because kikuyu which is the largest and most wealthy tirbe in kenya and which ruled kenya since the independence has a riva challenging with jalwo tirbe and they don’t want a jalwo president to be elected for the country.

Rather than that if kikuyu misses it’s chance of being as the Kenya’s presidency they prefer to bring a president from klajin tribe. Like they did before in the history, when jomo kenyatta died (kikuyu president ) the opportunity of the presidency has been given by president president Daniel Arab moi who was from a klajin tribe. He was same tribe with the current presidential candidate William Ruto.

So according to my views of point and my experience in the Kenyan plotics it seems to me as if the history has repeated it’s self once again.

So kenya’s next president will be from a klajin tribe and he is William Ruto. This is why I said there is no chance for Rail Odinga for the presidency of kenya.

This is what we have learnt from the history of that country.

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Dr.Ahmed Hasan Saalah