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President Hassan sheikh Mohamud has officially rejected of the separism ideologies of somaliland. Whilst he pays his official trip in the US the preisdent of somalia said that his Government stands the unity of somalia as one nation and one people. He said that his Government will not support any separism ideologies in which somaliland hailed for the past three decades.

” on behalf of Somalia’s federal Government we can help the people of Somaliland of every thing such social developments, supporting Aid programmes and promoting peace and unity, but we will never accept any separism principals, we need a united somalia, one Nation and people” president Hasan Sheikh Mohamud Said.

Somaliland is a former British protectorate entity and it gained it’s interim independency of 5 days only from the British colonial Admistration and then the Northern Somalia region united with the southern somalia regions which formerly known as the ” italian somaliland”. Then the both regions formed a unity Nation called as ” the republic of Somalia “.

After the collapse of Somalia’s military Government led by president Mohamed said barre, the people of somaliland have officially declared a full separism in 18th may 1991. Somaliland has officially separated from the rest of somalia and they declared their own independent republic called ” somaliland”.

Unfortunately somaliland never obtained neither an international nor a continental diplomatic recognition in the past three decades. Thus, the Government of somalia never supported it’s case of being an independent Nation from the rest of Somalia.

The most untold important issues that existed in the separist state of somaliland is that at least half of the somaliland populations don’t even support the separism principals. This is a very important case that the world must keep in mind. These following regions’ population in the Northern Somalia do massih oppose the separism ideologies of somaliland and the majority of those populations inhabited of Sool, Sanaag and Cayn regions do believe the unity of Somalia principals rather than separism ideologies.

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Dr.Ahmed Hasan Saalah