Two days ago Professor Ahmed Ismail Samatar had question and answer session , most of the participants were university students ,they had asked him question and the professor was given them the answer. The Professor spoke many things and the main one was leadership, I wasn’t there but I had downloaded from internet, really I admire a lot the Professor Samatar that’s why I downloaded the video. After I finished my Tarawiih Salad, I prepare myself to watch the video, and here is what I found the first 40 minutes of the program.

After students asked him questions, one student asked “you was there in Xamar and you failed the election and you are in Hargiesa, what will you do if you become candidate and fail again the election” he answered simply “I left Xamar because duopoly policy, Two tribes taking everything , I could not Find The Way to open that up” after little speech he added “now if I become candidate here, found election happened legally than I would accept , that’s democratic system , but If I see here again duopoly and even more seriously monopoly , I will be the first person to talk about to tell the world about that by saying this is unacceptable” he did not stop there ,He finished by saying “if this happen many people will run ,including me”.

I’m too much confused about what he means many people will run? Who are those people, are they people like his qualification, or is he means his tribe. Why is he keep running if some policy does not fit him, is he lacks ability to change something ,ability to sell his clean idea , ability to resist and demonstrate what he believes. If this is the true that’s why he prefers to enjoy something could not cause him much problem.

Sure monopoly exist the system of Somaliland, he is acting like someone who does not know the reality while he knows the fact. This monopoly happened by election Because it’s Democratic(majority leads the minority) and this is the reason one tribe dominating higher positions like parliament, ministries, elders house and even job employment is not legal way ,it is based on by tribe. They need to reform their system and they have to make the government more reprenstantive, this is how they can eliminate that monopoly. Of course he is the professor and for sure he can improve such thing if he is someone with tolerance and ready to sacrifice a lot time in Somaliland.

Another student asked him simple question about his marital status, and it was the simplest question for the entire program, I don’t understand why he seem so much unhappy for answering the question. He disrespected the student in front of the participants; he made that student idiot even worse than that. Not only him, even the camera man also the speaker did that. When someone asks you such question you have to proud it and enjoy it when answering because it’s about your family , even when you are coming program like this , your wife must be there, but it seems he is hiding the public for the white women that he married ,also his disrespected her.

at the middle of the meeting another student asked how he sees 18 May, according to him he put a doubt or suspicious to be recognized as independence day, sir you can’t ignore this day ,a lot people died, many displaced , many lost their precious part of their body many got mad to have it. Those you said they don’t recognize 18 May, they are unthankful because my people risked our existence, every single district of our people there were mass murder while those people enjoyed peace with their regions , even some of them were happy and even they take part to be executed our people.

When we overcame Siad Barre regime, we were never targeted those people, we forget everything they have done to us, we call them to restore old Somaliland and they accepted it, this shows how we are good to them.

Now you are saying let’s restore old Independence Day June 26, according to me that’s not independence day coz colonies left like legends, like envoys who come Somaliland to have business agreements while they have killed, slaved, and displaced million of us and our African brothers. In my opinion they supposed to leave while they had their eyes in their backbone, like lion chasing Deer.

Finally those who celebrate June 26, July 1 or other African nations who celebrate their independence day, take advise from me study your history, if the colonies left the way I mentioned “like lion chasing deer”, celebrate it and remember the heroes who lost their souls to your freedom, but if colonies left like envoy back to their home, then you don’t have to, what we do, is to study hard our history and try to change the future of our countries. Sir 18 May gets that criteria what a wise man call independence day, even though its one sided , but we give them everything we had while others don’t. Other regions specially those who doesn’t recognize as Independence Day, they have to be thankful for their effortless to restore old Somaliland.

It is true you cannot please everyone, if he think changing 18 May to June 26 will cause those opponents will accept Somaliland, Sir this does not work for them, because we honored to restore old Somaliland without struggle, for sure much of them are happy the peace that we have and that’s the success we have in Somaliland.

I’m his fan, and I like him a lot, I respect his qualification and how great person he is, but I have doubts that he cannot be great leader because he lacks ability to believe his policy and stick to it. He just needs people to elect him because of his qualification or his quality which lacks the tolerance. Also he never was governor or minster. He is truly undisputed professor, but still he needs to learn many things, “how great leaders became leaders”, look Abdulahi Yuusuf he never been college, but he believed that he could make change and he stick to it for decades ,look president Siilanyo he is not master, he fought his people a decade, but another 19 years his people never elected him as their president, even though some election not went well but he accepted , he showed the world how tolerance he is, and he waited his chance and also he maintains his tolerance and finally achieved what he has dreamed for decades.

I’m 26 years old, those two leaders were in my time, I learned that from them, and you are more than that, you could have been learned many great leaders of your time also before your time around the world like Nelson Mandela, Gandhi and Abraham Lincoln. Forget those leaders, the greatest leader of all mankind was Prophet Mohamed SCW, learning him, you will handle the case leadership.

Finally, this is my new proverb “the more you love something is the more you know their negative or weakness”, this is not damaging his hope for sure it will reconstruct how great he is, and I hope this article , one day he will read, and I encourage those who wants the professor Samatar to be successful please let him know this article ,sure it will help.

Written by

Khaalid Mohamed Cartan