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My name is Ambassador Deek ibrahim. I am from the republic of Somaliland.
Somaliland is a stable, a peaceful and a democratic Horn of Africa country. It was part of Somalia from 1960-1991. In the past 32 years the republic of Somaliland has been acting as a breakaway republic from Somalia.
Despite the republic of Somaliland’s achieving of all requirements of an independent statehood, yet it never achieved to obtain the international diplomatic recognition. But the republic of Somaliland enjoys by its own citizens’ own self recognition.

Somaliland has declared its political separatism from the rest of Somalia on 18th May 1991. Almost 32 years ago from this year (2022).

In the past three decades the republic Somaliland has been enjoying a peaceful atmosphere, a stable Political system and matured democracy. Since 1991 the ordinary citizens of Somaliland have democratically elected 5 presidents. For this reason the republic of Somaliland’s democracy became an African icon.

Unfortunately things are changing currently changing in the republic of Somaliland. The current Somaliland Authority led by president Muse biihi Abdi seems as if it’s diverting Somaliland’s democracy into a dictatorship. It’s very important for the whole world to get to know about what’s currently going in Somaliland.

On behalf of the Somaliland’s ordinary citizens we want to defend our democracy value.
We don’t accept grabbing power and dictatorship. As the democracy loving citizens of the republic of Somaliland we are kindly requesting from the international community to help us to defend our country’s historic democratic values.

The current president of Somaliland has rejected to held a free and fair elections for the country. His administration’s official mandate will end on 13th November 2022.

Unfortunately president Muse Bihi Abdi has illegally extended the power for two more years on 1st October 2022.

The opposition parties in the country have rejected the power extensions and there are possibilities of chaoses, and public demonstrations that might occur country wide due to the illegal power extensions of the current Somaliland president Muse Bihi Abdi.

Therefore I am kindly requesting from your newspaper to allow me chances to share with you more about the current political updates in Somaliland.

Please make for me an appointment for meeting. I want to give you more Information about the failing democracy in the republic of Somaliland. I want to reach you the VOICELESS voices of the democracy loving of Somaliland citizens .I also wish to reach their voices to international community especially those countries whom stand the defend the values of democracy in the African continent and the world.

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By. Ambassador Deek ibrahim