“Hamed Jameh died… I’m sad!! Written by: Muhammad Abdulwahab Al-Shaibani

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Hamed Jameh The high intellectual, the attentive translator, and most importantly the noble man died, without introductions.

In the noise of the seventies, he was formed within the framework of the left, and he was a witness to the social and cultural transformations in the city he loved, so they resided under his brown skin, (Muslim, Jew, Christian, Buddhist, Baha’i and Pagan).

He was very close to Al-Jawi, Abdul-Rahman Abdullah, Jaafar Al-Dhafari, Abdullah Mehairz, Ahmed Qassem Dammaj, Abdul-Bari Taher, Hassan Abdul-Warith, and all the flags of Yemen.

He was entrusted with correcting Al-Hikma magazine during Omar Al-Jawi’s presidency, and later he became one of the columns of Al-Tajamo’ newspaper in its first issue in the early nineties. Professor Ahmed Qassem Dammaj said about him: “We learn the language and love of geography from this Somali Hamed Jama.”

When he translated the second part of David Smiley’s book (Mission in Arabia) on Yemen in the eighties, he was providing an eloquent lesson to translators in diligence, conceptual discipline, and parallel linguistic construction contexts.

In the year 88, he published a book translated from English called (Castro and Religion), which is a collection of dialogues, lectures and articles by the Cuban leader on religion.

There is a third book entitled (The Last Site), which is a translation of the memoirs of an English officer and politician about his last years in Aden.

He has written more than fifty books, articles, studies and reflections, which many of his friends have promised to publish.

He did not marry, and he used to say that he married books, reading, and delicious lounging, and lived a rich life in the love of people and the discovery of the world residing in the stomachs of books and the lives of creatures flying high in strangeness and astonishment.

This article was published in 2019, which coincided with the death of the beloved academic writer, The high intellectual, the attentive translator Hamed Jama Hussein.

Written by: Muhammad Abdulwahab Al-Shaibani