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In Africa the white skinned people are more valuable than black skinned people, not only in south Africa but whole Africa.

Africans do hate themselves and they racist each other. But to the white skinned people they all respect for them.

In south Africa when a white man from else where in Europe they don’t call him bad identical names such as an alien, refugee or illegal immigrant etc, but when other fellow Africans living in south Africa are bothered badly through physically emotionally and mentally , they call them all bad names and local south Africans lots small business owned by those Africans immigrants living in that country.

So this is why I said, the African continent is the paradise for the white man, and it’s hell for the fellow black man who owns the land. In Africa , before the European colonizers there were no boundaries that divided African populations but the European colonial powers have invented those fake boundaries in this continent inordinate they might weaken the strengthen of the Africans and by proceeding of their negative colonialism.

During the so called independence of the African continent each/every African country have recognized the existing colonial made borders and today Africa continent built on a historical legacy that inherited from the European colonialist powers.

This is why I always say that Africa continent never experienced any serious independence from it’s the European colonial master Nations and till this modern century African remains under very modern type of colonialism known as ” a Neo-colonialism project”.

The result of this new modern colonialism became that the fellow black man to remain an alien in his own African homeland d where the white man considered as a holly master in the African continent.


Writing by Dr. Ahmed Hassan Salah and first published this article on Araweelo News Network. Salah is a writer and diplomat who comments on politics and international relations and advocates for Somaliland’s identity. He has published articles and videos on the way Somaliland can legally get its identity, which have been published on the Araweelo News Network.