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Eight girls transferred from Las-Anod Prison to the Coastal City Prison in Berbera

Hargeisa (ANN) -Somaliland’s National Human Rights Commission has dismissed the condition of eight schoolgirls who were arrested in Las-Anod, the capital of Sool region, after they were accused of wearing the blue flag of Somalia.

The eight young girls were detained in Las-Anod Prison for, four nights and four days, but were later transferred to the coastal town of Berbera, where the summer heat is very hot.

The Somaliland National Human Rights Commission has visited the girls in Berbera prison and expressed concern over their plight, calling on the government to release the girls immediately, who are currently in custody, so that they do not lose their educational opportunities. As the country’s schools are currently reopening.

The Somaliland National Human Rights Commission (SLNHRC) said in a statement issued on Monday that no charges had been filed against the girls during their detention.

The girls told National Human Rights Commission officials that they were in good health and had been treated well, but were complaining about the current heat in Berbera as well as the prison outside Las Anod. They say it is a problem for their families.

Finally, the National Commission for Human Rights called on the judiciary to take up the case of the girls as soon as possible, so they  that justice can be done.

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By Arraale M Jama Freelance Journalist and Human Rights activist.

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