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Roma (ANN)-Veteran Somali journalist Ali Musa passed away last night at his residence in Italy, as confirmed by his family.

Hassan Barise, who has known him for a long time, said that he got to know Ali Muse during the 90’s when the combined forces of hope for restoration came to Somalia.

He was working for the French news agency AFP in 1992, and described him as a valuable journalist who did not tire of his work, and who had a lot of knowledge about the Somali people. According to Hassan Barise told the BBC’s Somali language branch.

Also, he said that in the nineties, he worked for Ali Muse in the BBC’s Africa section, but later he worked for the AFP agency and the italian press agency ANSA.

Mr. Barise said that a year ago, diabetes damaged his kidneys, after the list of people waiting to be transplanted last year was successful, which caused his health to be good.

  After living in Italy, he was there for medical work, but the diabetes affected his kidneys again, which is the reason for the death of the late Ali Muse who passed away last night in Italy.

Hassan Barise, who was a friend of the late Ali Muse, and according to him, they were in touch even in the last days, and described him as a good and hardworking person.

“A great and valuable man has died. I offer my condolences to his family, friends and the Somali community. It was really a sad and shocking death,” said Hassan Barise, one of the most famous Somali journalists who worked with international agencies.

May Allah have mercy on Ali Muse, he was one of the most prominent Somali journalists in the international media, being a good role model for Somali youth, especially Somaliland where he originally came from.

The Somaliland Journalists Group of the Araweelo News Network expresses condolences to the deceased’s family, relatives, and friends, particularly Somali journalists and all young people for whom the deceased was a role model, and prays to God for mercy.

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By Arraale M Jama Freelance Journalist and Human Rights activist.

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