“Should the Zionist regime or its supporters display reckless behavior, they will face an even more resolute reaction.”



Tehran, (ANN)– Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi says the warriors of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) taught the Zionist regime “an unforgettable lesson” with their drone and missile operation.

“Last night, your zealous and courageous children in the IRGC, with the cooperation and coordination of all the defense and political sectors of the country, turned a new page in the history of Iran’s authority and taught a lesson to the Zionist enemy,” Raisi said in a statement on Sunday.


He said the operation was within the framework of Iran’s right for “legitimate self-defense” in response to the aggressive actions of the Zionist regime against the objectives and interests of the Islamic Republic of Iran, especially the attack on the Iranian consulate in Syria, which led to the martyrdom of a number of IRGC warriors. According  to IRNA.

“During the last six months and especially the last ten days, the Islamic Republic of Iran has used all the available regional and international tools and facilities to draw the attention of the international community to the deadly dangers resulting from the inaction of the United Nations Security Council against the continuous violations committed by the Zionist regime,” he wrote.
“But unfortunately”, Raisi hastened to add, “the Security Council, under the influence of the United States and some other supporters of the Zionist regime, has been prevented from fulfilling its duties.”
“In the first step, the Islamic Republic of Iran tactfully and intelligently targeted some of the military bases of the occupying, anti-security, and anti-stability regime in its drone and missile operation,” he noted

“The Islamic Republic of Iran considers regional peace and stability essential for its national security and spares no efforts to restore and maintain peace and stability. Iran’s strength lies in its commitment to security and its dedication to defending the interests of countries and nations in the region. The Islamic Republic of Iran is resolute in advancing neighborly policies and promoting friendship and cooperation with neighboring countries.”
Calling resistance “key to reviving peace and security in the region and countering any form of occupation and terrorism”, he said, “Iran attributes the root cause of the crisis in the region to the genocidal and violent policies of the Zionist regime.”
President Raisi went on to say that “any new adventure against Iran’s interests will be met with a firm and regrettable response”, and added, “Should the Zionist regime or its supporters display reckless behavior, they will face an even more resolute reaction.”
He also advised the backers of the occupying regime “to appreciate this responsible and proportionate action by the Islamic Republic of Iran and refrain from supporting the aggressive Zionist regime blindly.”
“We underscore that Iran’s robust defense against external hostilities is a result of the unity and solidarity of our great and beloved nation, as well as the brave efforts of the IRGC and the Army.”

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Written by Arraale M. Jama, a freelance journalist and human rights activist.

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