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#IGAD Leaders’ Response to the @Somalia-#Kenya Conflict, the #Ethiopian War in the @Tigray Region, the #Somaliland Case and Regional Crisis


Djibouti (ANN) – Leaders of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) in Djibouti have concluded their 38th Extraordinary Summit.

The Issues that were expected to be discussed at the meeting, which was attended by IGAD leaders, with the exception of Eritrea, which has been absent since 2017, they not appear in the communique.

The 21-point outcome of the conference, often seen by the leaders in the conference as congratulating each other on insignificant achievements, seemed to turn a blind eye to the conflicts, and circumstances that overshadowed the region.

According to the Communique, Sudan, which is chairing the conference, is often praised.

Read here to the full Communique of the IGAD Summit in Djibouti.

Official Articles of the Djibouti Communique of the IGAD Heads of State. IGAD2020