Garowe(ANN)- A war has started in Garowe, the headquarters of the Somali Regional Government in Puntland, and reports say that there has been a loss of life and a large number of injuries have been taken to private and government hospitals in Garowe.

The war started today on Tuesday between tribal militias and those of the administration of Said Abdullahi Deni, and this caused some people to flee the city, and most of the commercial areas were closed today.

The war has resulted in a political crisis that has been going on for some time between militias who are loyal to politicians who are against President Deni and who want to retain power and who have demanded from the Parliament that amendments and supplements be made to the constitution.

However, the Parliament of Puntland has approved President Deni’s plan to amend the Constitution of the Puntland regional government. In today’s session, the members agreed to amend the Constitution. But then the war started, and heavy weapons and artillery were used, as the opposition is strongly against the opening of the constitution.

The war has not been told about the losses, and there is no news from the warring parties. It is difficult to find independent information that confirms the real losses, but they were widely felt in the war in Garowe, Puntland Administrative Capital.
In recent times, there has been a conflict that has escalated into violence between President Deni and opposition politicians over the People and Votes Election in the Administrative Areas, which was refused to be held in three districts of Nugal Region, including the capital of Garowe.

Before the war, there were efforts to bring the parties closer together, but the efforts to find a solution to the crisis did not go ahead before the war started today in Garowe.

King Burhan, who later spoke about the war, called on the parties to stop firing and come to the negotiation table. Also, he noted that traditional leaders from the Sool region have already intervened in this matter and requested that the issue be left to them, but they did not succeed in resolving the issue that caused the war.

On the other hand, the war that started in Garowe coincided with the Puntland administration being part of the conflict and the war in Lasaanod in the last few months by transporting armed militias to LasAnod in Somaliland, which caused the explosive war that caused casualties and provoked unnecessary conflict tension.

Daawo Muuqaal Muhiim ah

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By Arraale M Jama Freelance Journalist and Human Rights activist.