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“The president is doing something new in democracy, and corruption is not just about money, but …”

MP. Khadar Hakim, called on President Bihi, to look at the crisis in the country and not be preoccupied with winning the speaker House

Hargeisa (ANN) -Khadar Ali Hakim, one of the newly elected members of the House of Representatives Somaliland from Sanaag region, spoke about the reasons behind the delay in the first session of the new parliament.Which appears to have been delayed due to for many reasons.

The lawmaker, aware of the delay in the first session of the council, called on Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi, to convene the new council to carry out its duties, noting that there is no place for democracy in parliament. The lawmaker elected from one party to move to another party, but the parties can form alliances, as in the democratic world, according to Hakim.

He called on President Bihi, to convene the council so that there is no vacuum and the new council does its work, suggesting to the President that since he is the supreme leader of the nation, he should be allowed to do what is good and avoid what is bad. He said this during a press conference in Hargeisa today.

“If the president is making amends, it can be said that it is a corrupt country, and it is a kind of corruption, because corruption is not just about stealing money, abuse of power is part of corruption. “No matter how you get an MP, because an MP has come from a party, then the President must lead us in good morals, and he must believe in his thirty MPs. He said.

“In the last few days, I have been doing research. I have looked at the democracies in Britain, the USA and others. Britain is allied with parties, they come to Parliament, but it is not possible for it to happen otherwise, so we are paving the way for what is new in the world, and that is what the President wants. ” Said MP Kkadar Ali Hakim.


He strongly called on the President to trust his 30 members of parliament and pave the way for the new parliament to elect a new speaker. The Speaker is elected to work with the President in accordance with the law and the constitution.

Therefore, the President should not be preoccupied with winning the Speaker, knowing that the opposition parties have the majority, added MP Hakim. Is a member of parliament from the opposition party WADDANI, from Sanag region.

“The president should not waste too much time trying to win the post of Speaker of the House of Representatives of his party KULMIYE. If the president has the wisdom and thinking of the people, there are many problems in our constituency.

There was a financial crisis. “There are situations where there is a need for health care, there are many problems that need to be addressed, which we need to think about, so the president should not waste time sitting in Speaker of the House to succeed,” said MP Khadar Ali Hakim.

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By Arraale M Jama Freelance Journalist and Human Rights activist.

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