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The international community should not ignore the Somaliland Case, said the former Prime Minister of Somalia, the late Omar Arte Ghalib.
The famous and veteran politician Seyid Omar Arte Ghalib, who passed away last November in Hargeisa, 2020, gave an interview with the the popular Sawt Al Arab radio in 1993 , in which he discussed Somaliland case and brought it to the international limelight.
This was at a time when Borama National Reconciliation Conference was being held in Borama before the presidential election of late Mohamed Ibrahim Egal in 1993.
Mr. Arteh the foreign minister of Somalia between 1969-1976, was a popular Somali politician well regarded and respected in the world for his positive impact on the regional and international affairs.
The late Omer Arteh was also an eloquent politician fluent in Arabic and English with extensive knowledge of regional and international politics. He was appointed rapporteur of the United Nation Special Committee on South West Africa in 1962, elected Chairman of the OAU Council of Foreign Ministers in 1971 and 1974. He was chairman of the OAU Africa Liberation Committee 1972-1974 and fought vehemently for the liberation of the african countries under the grip of foreign powers.
He was also elected Secretary of the first and third Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers in Jeddah 1970 and was the rapporteur of the Second Islamic Conference in Karashi 1970.
Moreover he was the president of the security council meeting held in Addis Ababa in 1972. Mr. Arteh mediated successfully between Tanzania and Uganda in 1972.
He was part of the Islamic Conference mission that was sent to Bangladesh in 1974 based on his proposal to mediate between president Bhutto and Sh Mujibur Rahman leading to the official recognition of Bangladesh by Pakistan.
Mr. Arteh who at the time was the Prime Minister of Somalia and visiting Riyadh Saudi Arabia was interviewed in January 1993 by Sawt Al Arab, a Cairo based radio station, and was asked about the collapse of Somali government, the United Nation resolution and the US military operation in Somalia, among other topics.
In the interview with Sawt Al Arab radio , Mr Arteh called on to the Arab world and the world in general not to ignore Somaliland case as part of the overall approach to effectively solving the crisis in the Somali peninsula.
Watch Omer Arteh’s interview with Sawt Al Arab radio in Arabic, in which he discusses crisis in Somalia, Somaliland case and Borama conference. by Araweelo News Network.