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Washington (ANN)-US President Joe Biden says evacuation of American troops in the Kabul will continue their activities there continue, following the attack which killed 100 people, which includes 13 U.S. military personnel and other personnel, including personnel and civilians.

“We have to complete this operation and we will do it,” he said. He also vowed to take revenge on those behind the blast.

President Biden said: “We will not forgive. We will not forget. We will hunt you down, and you will regret it. ”

U.S. soldier was killed in the blasts, according to U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Frank McKenzie. It is the first time US troops have suffered casualties in Afghanistan since February 2020.

Biden said the dead soldiers “were heroes in a self-sacrificing operation to save the lives of others”.

More than 100,000 people were evacuated from Kabul, which fell to the Taliban on August 15th. But more Afghans are flocking to the airport as the deadline for US troops to leave the country approaches on August 31.

Both Biden and the Pentagon have been warning that ISIS, a militant group known for clashing with the Taliban, could be a threat to Kabul’s airport.

President Biden promised to complete the operation, adding that “they will not disrupt terrorism.” Yesterday’s attack on Kabul International Airport was a series of bombings, the first of which took place at around 18:00 GMT.

The first blast targeted Abbey Gate, where US and British troops were serving, and was followed by gunfire, but minutes later, the second took place at a hotel used by British officials to serve Afghans. They want to travel to the UK. as reported by news and local news agencies in Afghanistan.

Kabul International Airport was packed with people, who were hoping to be allowed to board Western flights.


Although there have been warnings from US and UK officials about the risk of suicide attacks by the Islamic State group, but no caution was shown in this regard.


ISIS-k, which later claimed responsibility for the bombing, has accused the Taliban of colluding with the United States and implementing its policies.

Frank McKenzie said the threat from ISIS was still high and that US forces would work with the Taliban to stop the attacks and that the Taliban had prevented many others. But the attack could disrupt evacuation efforts as the August 31 deadline approaches.

Currently, there are 5,800 US and 1,000 British troops at Kabul airport, and 104,000 civilians have been evacuated from Afghanistan since the departure, with about 5,000 more still at the airport, People trying to cross a security checkpoint.

Several countries, including Canada, Belgium, the Netherlands and Denmark, have suspended operations, but British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, in an emergency meeting with senior British officials yesterday, said flights would continue to the UK in Kabul.

Meanwhile, Turkey has announced that its troops, which have been guarding Kabul airport for six years, are leaving the United States, which has been fighting a Taliban insurgency for two decades, But in the end, the United States and its allies were forced to withdraw from Afghanistan.

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By Arraale M Jama Freelance Journalist and Human Rights activist.

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