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Dr. Gaboose explained the political conflict in its entirety to SOMALILAND.

Mr. Gaboose provided a clear explanation with respect to political dissent or the political conflict in SOMALILAND.

I have always believed, along with many others, that we cannot continue to resolve our political problems through mediation. 

or negotiations from the honorable Somaliland elders. I continue to reiterate that the rule of law must prevail. 

The basic principles of national law should always be respected and adhered to in all situations. 

Dr Mohamed Abdi Gaboose has clearly explained, underlined and pointed out the problem and the political conflict that the nation is currently facing. 

Great explanation this nation was looking for. 

The evidence comes from the following facts.

The fact that 24 people interested in setting up unions wrote a letter to the Supreme Court to lodge a complaint to have the government and all political parties comply and act in accordance with the law and proceed with the opening of unions in accordance with the Constitution. The court had no hesitation in agreeing with them and immediately ordered the administration to respect the rules and to proceed opening the new unions and the organizations which will ultimately be promoted to national parties. Which is exactly what the government has been doing all along?   No one has the mandate or the authority to change that, neither the president nor the legislatures. 

The court is the only institution that can order a review or amendment of the act. 

Dr Gaboose reminded the nation that the parliamentarians’ request to the court to open the new organization or unions was denied, where the court favored and accepted the demand of the 24 citizens who wanted to take a chance to open new unions. 

Dr Gaboose also reminded the nation that three of the seven nominated to the national commissioners were rejected by Parliament.

 5. The fact that the President and his government have always supported compliance from the beginning can be seen in this video. Watch in 2020: 

6. The fact that over 20 newly registered organizations, the Kulmiye party, legislative councils and the entire Somaliland nation are all welcoming and prepared for the new organizations and, therefore, the three parties that emerge or are appointed can take part in the presidential election in accordance with the constitution.

As the nation has already expressed its desire to establish new potential parties and noted Ucid and Wadani’s refusal to implement a new organization, Dr. Gaboose also reaffirmed and reiterated that the Wadani and Ucid parties are the only ones to refuse the expiry of their ten-year term, in accordance with the Constitution. 

They are blatantly refusing to allow the country to appoint three more parties under the Constitution and instead, they want the elders of this land to meditate and break the law on their behalf.

Gaboose’s speech does not really need more explanation as he presented it in a way that even young children can comprehend. 

Dr. Gaboose told us, and I didn’t know this, that the Legislative Council or the MPs had been suspended or had a two-month vacation, which is clear and enlightening to those of us who have a clue or understand politics.

Dr Gaboose fully explained the SOMALILAND political dispute.

Thank you, Mr. Gaboose, for your confidence and political expertise in the explanation of this issue

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By. A Yasin Jama