Published On: Mon, Nov 17th, 2014

Veteran Lawyer MM Herzi Arwo Announces His Candidacy for the Somaliland Parliamentary Elections

Gurey M HirsiHargeisa(ANN)Backed by his family, next of kin and closest friends as well as a large portion of Marodijeh youths, the young, educated and experienced lawyer Mohamed Mohamoud Herzi Arwo aka Gurey Herzi announced his candidacy for the Marodijeh region parliamentary seat in the upcoming parliamentary elections slated to be held in June 2015.

The announcement of the veteran lawyer’s candidacy was made on Sunday at a glitzy ceremony at Maansoor Hotel attended by prominent figures, traditional leaders, family members, friends and thousands of supporters.


Speaking on the ceremony, the former Mayor of Hargeisa Abdirahman Ismail Adami expressed his delight towards Gurey Herzi’s candidacy and stated that Somaliland needs young legislators in order to rejuvenate and provide a fresh set of ideas to the House of Representatives.

Adami also called Somaliland youth especially Marodijeh region youths to support and rally behind Mohamed Mohamoud Herzi (Gurey).

Mohamed Mohamoud Herzi Arwo (Gurey) while speaking at the ceremony officially declared his intention to run for the upcoming parliamentary elections which are scheduled June next year.

“I hereby declare my intention to run for the upcoming parliamentary elections which are scheduled June next year,” said lawyer Mohamed Mohamoud Herzi.

“After prayerful consideration with my family, next of kin and closest friends, I have decided to run for Marodijeh region parliamentary in the upcoming parliamentary elections,” Gurey Herzi added.

Lawyer Gurey Herzi also said that the reason behind his candidacy is to rejuvenate and provide a fresh set of ideas to the House of Representatives.

“I am elated and I’m looking forward to rejuvenating the parliament and providing a fresh set of ideas to the House of Representatives as well as a new and younger voice to initiate and deliver change,” said Gurey Herzi.

He also said that his candidacy will urge Somaliland youths to play their role and affirm their presence in Somaliland’s political life.

The young educated candidate hopes to have a positive influence if he is elected where he says his educational background has given him the experience and ability to initiate and deliver change.

Although Somaliland’s parliamentary elections are scheduled for June 2015, they are widely expected to be postponed as political parties have failed to agree the civil and voter registration procedures.

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