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Washington(ANN)- A US government expert on African relations and a security expert expressed his happy about the newly appointed UAE Ambassador to Somaliland.

Ambassador Abdalla Alnaqbi, a senior UAE diplomat, presented his credentials to the President of the Republic of Somaliland, Muse Bihi Abdi, on Saturday, March 13, 2021, at the Presidential Palace, where he received the credentials of the new UAE diplomat.

Senior US diplomat John R. Rosenberg, reacting to the UAE Ambassador’s appointment to Somaliland, wrote on Twitter that Ambassador Abdalla Alnaqbi’s appointment was not a diplomatic betrayal in his history.

“UAE sends envoy to #Somaliland, H.E. Abdalla Alnaqbi who, given his bio, is no diplomatic slouch”,  John Rosenberg, wrote on his Twitter account.

He added that he had conducted research in recent days and that he had discussed this with other diplomats and confirmed that Somaliland was the shortest place on the list of strategic importance to Africa.

“My conversations last week with other diplomats engaged with Hargeisa tells me that it’s definitely on the short list of places to watch in #Africa, 2021.” he said, John Rosenberg is a U.S. – Africa government relations and national security specialist in Washington.

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John Rosenberg, one of the US African relations and security experts to whom the State Department has been paying attention, has repeatedly spoken of stability, Democracy, Development and Elections in Somaliland and its strategic importance to the world. Speaks word for geopolitical.

Amb. Abdalla Al Naqbi

The new Ambassador, Abdalla Al Naqbi, with nearly a decade of legal experience, is well-known in the UAE and has achieved much.

Al Naqbi, has built one of Dubai’s most reputable and respected law practices. He is widely regarded as a top litigator in the Dubai Courts with extensive experience in corporate, banking & finance, and insurance law.

Abdalla Al Naqbi 2003, Founded the Center for Advocates & Legal Consultants in the Middle East over 15 years and works with corporate, Embassies and prominent businessmen.

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