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Can The Republic Of Somaliland Obtain An International Diplomatic Recognition Whilst It’s Relaying On Foreign Aids?

The republic of Somaliland has been chasing to obtain an official international diplomatic recognition from the world but it never achieved this dream.  So our precise question will be like this , what’s root cause of the  Somaliland’s failure to obtain a lasting international recognition.  I will answer properly for three reasons that caused Somaliland’s misfortune to be part of an officially recognized republic in the world.




In the past three decades, the republic of Somaliland never planned to develop its economy, there is no large productive industry in Somaliland, no large commercial farms, and there is no suitable fishing industry in the country. The republic of Somaliland has rich lands in various resources but unfortunately the republic of Somaliland chose to relay on the foreign Aid, rather than seeking an international investments for it’s rich natural resources.  This means, that the republic of Somaliland Governments and leaders never understood the importance of investments of the country’s various natural rather than that, they chose to relay on foreign Aids from the so called international donor Nations.


The world’s most powerful Nations don’t always like a needy poor nation whom always are dependent of a foreign Aid.  This is why the republic of Somaliland never respected a sufficient independent republic that deserves to be officially recognized as an independent state.

The so called foreign Aids from the international donors is a plain negative and new type of modern colonization towards the poor African states, especially to our country which has been seeking to be recognized as independent republic in the past three decades. Surely, the Somaliland leaders never been positively followed the righteous ways that could have able to turn our country a strong economical sufficient state in the Horn of Africa and the Africa continent.  Our leaders and Our Governments never planned to develop investments of the various resources that found in our country such as, manufacturing industries, large commercial farms investments, fishing and other resources investments in the country.  But our Governments and leaders chose to be only beggars for cheap foreign Aids.


The in past three decades the republic of Somaliland related consuming  on the foreign Aids and our country remained poorer because our people became beggars rather than being a productive people. Our leaders do always request from the developed world helping for more humanitarian donations rather than requesting more investments in our country.  So, our country looked a small poor state in front of the world powers, and this is why they never ever dreamed to recognize our country.




The corruption in Somaliland became a chronic obstacle, 4 sometimes it’s regarded normal and the public wealth became something that every person can collect easily and turn richer within short times of periods.  There is a a strong lawsuit nor intelligence against the corruption.  So every person has the capability to steal whenever they wanted and every amount they can.


Even the Government officials can do auwaivred types of corruptions through stealing the public wealth without any fear of accountabilities.  So how can, the international investors can trust to invest our country since our Governments can eliminate any forms of corruptions in our Country?

Do we think that the international community doesn’t aware of our country’s corruption rates?  Let me tell you this,  they know every thing about our country, especially our corruptions levels and this is one of the most great causes that caused of the republic of Somaliland’s lack of obtaining respect and diplomatic recognition from the international community.


So our problem is from our own selves, our own bad leaderships and our negative activities but our failed leaders do blame their failures to Somalia, preaching falsehood claims among the Somaliland public saying that it’s Somalia who is responsible for the republic of Somaliland’s failure of getting a diplomatic recognition from the world.

This is a plain falsehood, we must blame our ownsleves first.  Let us recognize our failures and let us change them into a positive then the republic ofSomaliland will surely meet its long waited diplomatic victory at last.  Fighting hunger, corruption, and bad leadership is the best policy to attract the international community’s attentions and its easiest ways for the republic of Somaliland to sell it’s country’s dignity from the world.  But no to relaying foreign Aid any more.




There is a no a country called Somalia. Because Somalia the dreams of creating a greater country known as Somalia which consists five Somali regions known as the greater Somalia dream has long failed.


It was the British Somaliland region’s citizens whom firstly brought the idea of unification of the greater Somalia.  For this reason on 26th june 1960 the brutish Somaliland built it’s union with the southern Italian-somaliland for the aims of creating a greater Somali Government (dowladda Soomaali weyn) that consisted as following five Somali regions, ( British Somaliland, Italian Somaliland, french Somaliland, Ogaden, and NFD). Three of those Somali regions are missed; therefore the aim of the greater Somalia became dysfunction project.

Therefore  the republic Somaliland of Somaliland must try very hard to make understand the world about this type of history,  and it must stop recognizing ” Italian Somaliland ” for name of Somalia because that southern  region doesn’t belong this name, but it owned for all five Somali regions and lastly that dream had completely failed long time ago.



Writing by Dr. Ahmed Hassan Salah and first published this article on Araweelo News Network. Salah is a writer and diplomat who comments on politics and international relations and advocates for Somaliland’s identity. He has published articles and videos on the way Somaliland can legally get its identity, which have been published on the Araweelo News Network.