Has there been an increase or decrease in tribalism, nepotism, and patronage in Somaliland ?

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Somaliland multiparty system. The revival of tribalism by Ahmed Yasin Mohamed

Tribalism was on the horizon once more in Somaliland, when we thought we had buried it long ago. It appears that we are returning to the dark ages.

When a multi-party system was introduced or announced last year, we were all delighted with this news, at least the majority of us were pleased, where a minority of people opposed, stating that Somaliland was not yet prepared. 

I wholeheartedly agree with them now and I understand why they were opposed from the get-go.  I presume we all are now? Don’t we?

When the news of multiparty politics came, we all thought we had taken a major step, but actually, I see we’re going in the opposite direction now, upside down.

Why I say that, I say that because, if you look at what’s happening domestically and within the diaspora, where even sub-clans (let alone, tribes) are now selecting their members in local government and the parliament.

What effect will it have, the effect will be that this individual that wad elected by his tribe will definitely and without doubt put the interests of his clan before those of the country? . And this is a bad indication, in fact, it’s an impending catastrophe to occur?

Recently, I attended a couple of parties, opening ceremonies in London and was appalled, shocked and disgusted with the degree of tribalism that is taking place in the so-called Somaliland parties, it is unbelievable.

We must choose a party or a president for their competence and  what they can do for our nation, not because they belong to that tribe or clan.

Are you aware of what’s happening in our country or is it just me?  I hope everybody does?

As a result of tribalism, inevitably other tribes become the enemy. It is natural that hate, rivalry and hostility begin or start with tribalism. 

Precisely as we have seen in the world around us, in terms of nation-to-nation relations, Obviously, when one group associates with another group, it considers the other groups as outsiders and take action to defend their interests more easily than working together in a cohesive way. 

It is the same for tribes, when two clans have a sort of relationship, the other tribes consider themselves as an outsider or apart.

If you look at Kenya and their recent elections, look at what happened, the bloodbath, the massacre and the damage inflicted on their economy. 

We are all aware that the problem started with the tribes who are not happy with the outcome of the elections.

Fortunately, the solitary or the lonely hope of Somaliland’s battle against tribalism is the younger generation. The younger generations are more civilized and less inclined to think along tribal lines. 

I would therefore ask the younger generation to mobilise, get together and educate their ignorant elders and the community as a whole, cause the only direction forward is the unity of the people of Somaliland. 

Tribalism is the devastation and destruction of the nation that destroys their mind and soul physically and mentally. 

United we stand and divided we fall…

Come on young Somalilanders, be the agent or the leader of the change you want in Somaliland. Let’s get rid of tribalism for good. 

The fundamental change we need will not occur overnight and could take a decade or even a century, but we must begin now, and quickly, because the sooner we take action, the better. It’s not too late for a change.  

One thing I know is, that most people in Somaliland young and old think all political parties and officials should be elected on the basis of their knowledge and ability, not on the basis of their tribe or clan.

 Ok. What is it we need?  Swift and lively.

First. We must create or establish a group of young people, the educated generation under one roof, this group of young people will promote unity and bring to light the damage that tribalism can do to the country and the people.

This group will be established all cities and villages and the countryside. This group can be financed either by one of the thousands of international NGOs in the country or by the government.

Has there been an increase or decrease in tribalism, nepotism, and patronage in Somaliland since I wrote this article on  October 2012?, I published this article at that time on (Hadhwanaagnews) Friday, October 05, 2012, But I like this article to republished on the Araweelo News Network, 1 August 2022, because the situation I wrote about this topic at that time has returned to Somaliland.

The views expressed in this article belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Araweelo News Network.

Regards, Ahmed Yasin Mohamed Jama



Regards, Ahmed Jama.