The conflict in Garoowe Town.

The people of the town of Garoowe were punished for a conspiracy they had participated in directing and introducing in the town of LasAnod.

It all began in the city called LasAnod, located in Sool region of SOMALILAND. People living there had a peaceful and tranquil life for the past 15 years, until something big has changed. It was the kind of town where nothing major ever happened apart from one or two local assassinations in the year , and the locals were content with their peace and quiet. routines, their business dealings, competing with other surrounding cities

All that changed one night when some traditional local elders decided to have their usual tribal gathering, then strange and unexpected arguments, disputes and noises among the elders of the meeting were observed and what followed was horrific.

Shortly thereafter, a few members of the traditional elders who were present at the meeting led by Mr GALA DAGAALKA quickly declared and waged a nasty war to the government troops stationed in their barracks where they killed more than 20 military personnel who had already come out of the city centre so that the meeting could take place in the city peacefully on the outskirts of the town, and attacked the hotel where Somaliland officials, including both Interior and Information Ministers and dozens of other senior officials remained in order to have discussions with the traditional elders as soon as the meeting of these elders was to be concluded.

The people of LasAnod were filled with shock and dismay upon discovering that their traditional elders, who were responsible for maintaining peace, had actually laid a trap for them. It soon became apparent that the trap was orchestrated by outsiders led by Farmaajo who had enlisted the help of a few of the local elders who had no connection, lived or set foot in LasAnod.

The residents of Las Anod have been forced to flee their homes and seek refuge elsewhere. The people of Garoowe have now bear the brunt of the injustice done to LasAnod.

The displacement of the innocent citizens of Las Anod has now caused indirect turmoil and suffering in Garoowe. This is an example of how a conspiracy can have a devastating effect on the perpetrators.

Some could argue that the people of Garoowe have been fairly punished for a crime they take part in.
The residents of Las Anod deserve justice and of course the people of Garoowe and anybody else deserve to be free from any unjust punishment.

What happened in Garoowe city in Puntland region, Somalia this week.

Earlier this year, the government and people of the Puntland region of Somalia were the leading cause in displacing all residents of LasAnod, Sool region of Somaliland

Now, Garoowe is experiencing a punishment and curse due to the conspiracy that has taken place in Las Anod. Puntland has displaced the innocent residents of Las Anod. This act of conspiracy has caused a severe negative effect on the city of Garoowe.

The town of Garoowe is devastated by the unexpected war: what goes around comes around. Residents of Garoowe, were left traumatized this week following an unexpected war that descended upon their peaceful city.

The conflict had a devastating impact on the town, displacing most of its people and destroying almost everything in its wake. Countless innocent victims have been lost, leaving their families and the entire city in mourning.

This tragedy serves as a stark reminder of the old adage, “what goes around comes around”. It bears witness to the consequences of the conspiracy that people perpetrate on others. Such actions, no matter how small, can have devastating long-term consequences that can haunt those responsible.

This week, I believe Garoowe has been penalized for conspiracy, they initiated and led to LasAnod. This conspiracy was deemed severe enough to warrant punishment, and the repercussions and ramifications have been felt in the city at this time. The reports of the incident have increased as the news of the penalty propagates.

The punishment for Garoowe was considered severe by many, but may actually escalate. It is an example of the consequences that can befall those who engage in conspiratorial activity.

The incident had to draw attention to many of the risks involved in conspiracy activities. The case of Garoowe serves as a reminder to those in LasAnod that conspiracies can have serious repercussions. It is an example of the risks one takes when participating in such activities. This reminds us that even small plots can have far-reaching consequences.

Garoowe is punished for conspiracy, they have brought to LasAnod and this is a reality and It is a lesson to everyone that conspiracies must be avoided, and that the consequences of engaging in such activity can be grave.

The lesson here is obvious.
This lesson of the article serves as a reminder to all of us: never dig a deep pothole or a hard trap and if so, never drill deep, unless you are prepared to fall in. Similarly, do not attempt to plot or destroy a peaceful person, city or nation, as plots and malevolent acts will no doubt haunt you in haste.

People who study politics and all those who know how to read between the lines think it was an obvious conspiracy, a well-planned, well-organized conspiracy in the once quiet city of LasAod and its residents and that is certainly what haunts the town of Garoowe at the moment.

I also believe that this conflict at Garoowe is a direct response from the Almighty as the Almighty God acts in a variety of ways.

Finally, As soon as the conflict is over, the Garoowe people should thank the Almighty after being probably punished by God.

People in Garowe or Puntland must understand that they must never again try to conspire or destroy a city or peaceful people, because that will only come back to haunt them.

Final point, let us hope and pray that the people of Garoowe in the Puntland region of Somalia will come to their senses and begin to sit down together to end the conflict as soon as possible and take what happened in Garoowe as a lesson that is never repeated again.

We hope that peace will be re-established at Garoowe as soon as possible, and that people can put this tragedy behind them and advance in their lives. As we progress, let’s not forget that what happened at Garoowe is a lesson for everyone and that people from all corners strive to live in harmony with each other, so that we do not experience the same consequences.


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Ahmed Yasin Mohamed Jama