Hargeysa(ANN) Journalist Bushara Bandai was brought before the Maroodi-Jeex Regional Court for the fifth time on Thursday, June 15, 2023, without any charges being brought against him, but the charges were renewed to keep her in prison.

Journalists working in different local media have pointed out that since the arrest of journalist Busharo Bandai, she has been held in prison for almost a month, and this is the fifth time she has been brought before the court without being charged with any crime. It seems that there is no accusation.

The journalists who talked about her arrest and spoke to the media today in Hargeisa, indicated that there is a need for the journalist to get justice, as there is no crime to base her arrest on, so they called on the government to restore her freedom to journalist Busharo.

Also, the journalists pointed out that there are complaints related to her arrest, so she needs Busharo to find a doctor because of her health condition.

Reporter Bushaaro was arrested in the middle of May 2023 while she was traveling to Ethiopia and towards Somaliland. At the same time, she crossed the Wajaale border while she was traveling to Hargeisa. The International human rights organizations and press organizations have condemned the arrest of journalist Busharo Bandai, as have politicians and many journalists, who have all condemned her arrest and called on the government to restore her freedom.


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By Arraale M Jama Freelance Journalist and Human Rights activist.