“The people of Tigray, Ethiopia, are suffering from a humanitarian crisis that has been man-made.” report by World Peace Foundation

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New York(ANN)-A report by the United States-based World Peace Foundation (WPF) warns of the situation in Tigray, which has been in turmoil for the past few months.

The sad report stems from an invasion by the Federal Government of Ethiopia and neighboring Eritrea, backed by regional militias, following a November 2020 offensive to overthrow the Tigray regional administration.

But it was last month when the Tigay Defense Forces (TDF), and the TPLF returned from a mountainous area where they had been fighting for several months, and recaptured the region, where fresh fighting broke out.

Violent fighting is currently raging between Amhara and Tigray, and the Afar administration has been silent on calls for it to send troops to the region, with Tigray fighters launching a major offensive to regain control of western and southern Tigray.

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Fighting has reportedly resumed in the region, which has been embroiled in a long-running conflict, with in recent days an influx of heavily armed forces and militias seeking to oust the TPLF and the Tigrean Defense Forces (TDF).

A report released today by the World Peace Foundation expresses concern over the crisis and the need to protect the nearly 5.7 million people in Tigray affected by the conflict.


The World Peace Foundation writes that Ethiopian and Eritrean fighters in the Tigray war have completely destroyed the region’s economy and food system. We present evidence of their ongoing actions to prevent people from the objects and activities necessary for their safety – measures comparable to international crimes. The report said.

The World Peace Foundation urges all militants to make the safety and well-being of the people affected by their political and military goals, the report said in an in-depth on the situation in Tigray.

“How armed conflict and violence have destroyed Ethiopia’s economy and food system and threatened famine,” the WPF report said.

Read here: The report is titled “Starving Tigray”



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