Diverted Priorities: The #Arab League’s Disturbing Indifference to #Gaza Amidst Dubious Engagements with #Somaliland-Ethiopia



Written by  Gulaid Yusuf Idaan Senior Lecturer and Researcher


In the perplexing realm of international diplomacy, the Arab League’s questionable priorities come to the fore as it engages enthusiastically in the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Somaliland and Ethiopia, leaving the cries of the Gaza Strip unattended. This critical exploration scrutinizes the League’s divergent  focus, suggesting a disturbing indifference to the urgent humanitarian needs in Gaza. While the League busies itself with Somaliland and the Ethiopian

Agreement, the shadows cast upon its commitment to the Palestinian cause raise concerns about the authenticity of its regional responsibilities.


Gaza: An Ignored Tragedy in the Face of Arab League’s Distraction:

As the Arab League grapples with internal divisions and divergent viewpoints, the plight of Gaza remains a tragic echo in the background. The mosaic of member states, consumed by Somaliland and Ethiopia, appears oblivious to the urgent cries of the Gaza brothers. The dream



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