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Dr. SadaThe, first non-European scholar to win the best Book SAFA Award2021, SomaliHeritage

Stockholm (ANN)- Dr. Sada Mire is originally from the Republic of Somaliland, she is the first non-European scholar to win the best innovation SAFA Book #Prze 2021. She has attracted international attention for its unprecedented success in Europe in terms of its awards.

Mire is an award-winning Swedish-Somali archaeologist with a PhD from UCL’s Institute of Archaeology. She is founder and executive director of Horn Heritage Organization, an archaeology and heritage research institution with offices in the Horn of Africa and The Netherlands.

Mire was the founding director of Somaliland’s Department of Archaeology until 2012 and since then has held academic positions at several European universities, including Leiden University.

She has received a number of honours for her work, including being selected for lists such as New Scientist’s “Most Inspiring Women in Science of All Times” in 2016 and The Hay Festival of Literature and Arts’ list of 30 Global Thinkers and Writers.

“This is a confident, masterly piece of work by somebody uniquely qualified to carry out the relevant research… a remarkable and vivid book, which probably only Sada Mire (with her combination of theoretical proficiency in several academic disciplines and local intimacy) could have achieved. This is scholarly work, with a much wider general appeal”.says Neal Ascherson, author of The King Incorporated.

He is giving a brief description of the efforts of Dr. Sada Mire and her book and her academic abilities as published by Amazon.

#DivineFertilit, This book uniquely explores the impact of indigenous ideology and thought on everyday life in Northeast Africa.

Furthermore, in highlighting the diversity in pre-Christian, pre-Islamic regional beliefs and practices that extend beyond the simplistic political arguments of the current dominant narratives, the study shows that for millennia complex indigenous institutions have bound people together beyond the labels of Christianity and Islam; they have sustained peace through cultural exchange and tolerance (if not always complete acceptance).

Dr. Sada wrote a short note on her Twitter account, expressing her feelings when she won the international award. “ I am chuffed to learn that my book #DivineFertility won the 2021 SAfA Book Prize. Apparently I became the first scholar of non-European descent to win best monograph. So many to thank for their support -it was a long and hard journey but so fascinating.”

Mire’s popular contributions as well as commissioned features on her work appear regularly in the International media, such as the BBC, The Guardian, CNN and Channel Four, UK. At the moment, she is working on a book on Somali Heritage and Identity Conflicts.





Divine Fertility: The Continuity in Transformation of an Ideology of Sacred Kinship in Northeast Africa (UCL Institute of Archaeology Publications) 1st Editionby Sada Mire (Author).

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