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Addis Ababa(ANN)-The Ethiopian government has for the third time today launched airstrikes on the capital of the northern region of Tigray.

Bomb blasts targeted factories and other facilities in central Mekelle, causing heavy casualties

The series of bombings targeting Mekelle is part of a year-long war between government forces backed by Eritrean and Amhara militias fighting the Tigray TPLF.

Tigray TV, has released images showing black smoke billowing into the air and flames rising, according to Reuters news agency.

The latest shelling in Mekelle is said to be a sign of desperate action by the government of Prime Minister Abi Ahmed, as ground battles in northern Amhara and Afar have failed to defeat the TDF.

With the last few Months, Fighting in the area was a defeat for government forces, according to TPLF officials, who presented reports of weapons and ammunition seized from government forces.



On the other hand, according to Reuters, Tigray Television, controlled by the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), said the attack targeted the centre of the city of Mekelle but it gave no details of casualties or damage.

Ethiopia’s government said it targeted buildings where Tigrayan forces were repairing armaments.

The TPLF has “been adept at hiding munitions and heavy artillery in places of worship and using ordinary Tigrayans as a human shield”, government spokesman Legesse Tulu said, according to Reuters.

Two witnesses and a humanitarian source in Mekelle told Reuters that the strike appeared to have targeted Mesfin Industrial Engineering PLC, a factory complex in the city which the government believes supports the TPLF.

TPLF leader Debretsion Gebremichael, refering to the government forces, said: “They are desperate on the war front. My interpretation is they are bombing us because they are losing on the ground and it’s their reprisal. The fact that they are bombing shows they don’t care about Tigrayan civilians.” according to Reuters.

He said the strike did not hit the engineering complex, but hit another private company compound, but he had no further details, said report.

He spoke to Reuters by satellite phone from an undisclosed location. He said he did not have information on possible casualties.

The blast shattered the windows of Mekelle General Hospital, about one kilometer away, and damaged nearby homes, said a doctor at the hospital. It had received five wounded people, he said.


“Four of the dead were factory workers, and the fifth was a woman whose life was close to the factory targeted by the bombing.” This was told to Reuters by a doctor at Mekelle Hospital.

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By Arraale M Jama Freelance Journalist and Human Rights activist.

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