Addis Ababa(ANN)- Ethiopia is shifting its trade strategy by using Somaliland’s Berbera port, reducing dependence on Djibouti and improving access to global markets. This move promises economic benefits and regional stability but faces geopolitical challenges and infrastructure needs.

network that seamlessly connects Ethiopia to the Port of Berbera. Investment in a comprehensive road and rail network, complemented by efficient customs and logistics systems, is essential to ensure an unhindered flow of trade. Symbiotic cooperation between the governments of Ethiopia and Somaliland, complemented by international partnerships, is crucial to capitalise on the full spectrum of opportunities offered by this trade route.

Ethiopia’s strategic focus on the port of Berbera in Somaliland is expected to be a turning point in its endeavour to increase its trade capacity and economic strength. By diversifying its maritime access and streamlining transport routes, Ethiopia is able to improve its position in the global market. The partnership not only promises economic benefits for Ethiopia and Somaliland, but also serves as a beacon for regional development and stability. Managing geopolitical entanglements and investing in infrastructure improvements are critical to the smooth realisation of this trade corridor. With smart planning and concerted efforts, the Ethiopia-Berbera Port Alliance could very well be the harbinger of an era of prosperity and growth for Ethiopia.

Yours sincerely

Thomas Hellmuth-Sande