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Garowe(ANN)-Somalia’s semi-autonomous region of Puntland, elections took place on Tuesday in three districts, with up to seven political parties contesting.

This is the first time that the Puntland regional administration in Somalia has done so, since the formation of the local government in the 1990s.

The system of contesting electoral organizations and political parties is new to the Somali regional state of Puntland, and is one of the regional administrations that are part of the Federal Government of Somalia, pending indirect elections for this time.

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The process of registering political parties and associations and for an election in which associations compete, for the people to vote, is the first of its kind in Puntland, following the example of her  neighboring, Republic of Somaliland, which has set an example for Africa and the rest of the world in terms of democracy, and elections.

Although Somaliland’s sovereignty, has not been recognized by the international community.

Somaliland’s statehood dates back to the clan system of the 1990s. But moved away two decades ago, when Somaliland established a democratic and electoral process based on the competition of associations and parties that Somaliland has practised for the past two decades, and it has, earned a reputation.

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Somalia’s semi-autonomous state of Puntland, which has adopted a one-person, one-vote system in Somaliland, has so far shown that lessons learned from Somaliland in direct elections and the establishment of a political and party system can be extended to other regions of Somalia,.

Although not much in the Somalia is no security and order in all regions of Somalia, in according to terms of stability and governance, by the Republic of Somaliland.


However, the formation of political parties in Puntland, which was tested in the three districts of Qardho, Eyl and Ifayn, showed that the road to Somaliland was moving twenty years before the one-person, one-vote free electoral system. Competition The party system can currently be tested by the Somali regional administration of Puntland.

At the beginning of the debate, Puntland administration scholars and electoral commission officials argued that the challenges that arise to the party system and elections should be resolved through the successful process of the Republic of Somaliland

Such discussions and perspectives encouraged the Puntland administration to launch a pilot program for the three districts, with seven political parties competing in the three districts, and the winning members included young men and women.


However, Puntland is a region in Somalia that has been in turmoil for the last thirty years, and the Republic of Somaliland has followed suit.

As a result, Somaliland has become a teacher of democracy and elections in Africa, without coups, as has happened in many African countries, for example Sudan and many other African countries that have been overthrown in recent months by the military and then taken the power

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By Arraale M Jama Freelance Journalist and Human Rights activist.

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