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This comes after Russian military equipment used by Wagner’s mercenaries, unloaded at the port of Djibouti on Thursday.

Djibouti(ANN)- New military activity is reported in Djibouti, especially at the port where a convoy of the country’s navy along with the Russian military PMC Wagner was spotted last night.

The commander of the Djiboutian Coast Guard, Colonel Wais Omar Bogoreh, oversaw the operation of the Russian Army’s General Collective, known as the Wagner code for a private military company (after Wagner’s PMC).

According to sources close to the Djiboutian navy from HCH24, the stars of the Djiboutian coast guard convoy have been spotted since last night, mostly from Russia or Eastern Europe. The operation was directly supervised by Colonel Wais Omar Bogoreh, Commander of the Coast Guard.

This comes after Russian military equipment used by Wagner’s mercenaries on Thursday, November 11, 2021, was unloaded at the port of Djibouti.

The former Djibouti port for importing equipment is managed by the head of the Ex-Harbor Master’s Office, Mohamed Moussa Abar, said Mr. Gaucher.

The Russian equipment that arrived at the port of Djibouti consisted of 150 Russian-owned trucks, manufactured by Ural Automotive Plant. It is also accompanied by unidentified containers, some of which have already been shipped to Ethiopia, with major powers Russia, the United States, Britain and China have been at loggerheads over the outcome of the conflict in Ethiopia.

“Wagner or PMC Wagner is a Russian mercenary company created by Dmitri Outkin, a former GRU officer (Russian military secret).”

Wagner’s troops have intervened in Syria with the support of Bashar al-Assad, inside Ukraine with the secession of Russia, Libya, and the Central African Republic and, of course, Djibouti and Ethiopia since Tuesday evening, November 16, 2021.

Djibouti’s president has been in close talks with Russian officials and diplomats in recent weeks, following a response from his foreign minister to US plans to send troops to Ethiopia.

  Djibouti’s foreign minister has said he does not accept attacks on neighboring countries.

“Djibouti values its strategic partnership with the United States, and this partnership is certainly not against any other country.” This is in response to the US military’s agenda in the country to address the issue of the Ethiopian war.

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Meanwhile, there are reports that President Ismail Omar Guelleh on Saturday held a direct meeting with pro-government militias in Hayabley area of Balbala district in Djibouti. The militants were ordered to spread anti-American and anti-French words in the capital.

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By Arraale M Jama Freelance Journalist and Human Rights activist.

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