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#Somaliland #Government blames #International #Community for lack of Development in #Somalia

#Hargeisa(ANN)- The government of the Republic of Somaliland, has blamed the international community for the lack of development in Somalia, which the world has invested heavily in, but the result of Somalia has been a failure, instead the international community has ignored the development and democracy in Somaliland.

This was stated by Somaliland’s Deputy Foreign Minister and Acting Minister, Liban Yusuf Osman, who gives in interviewed today to SAHAN, a local Television a based in Hargeisa. “The world has invested heavily in the Somali government, but the international community Somaliland has ignored.” said.

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Instead, he said, Somaliland has held various elections for a person and a voice that needs to be watched by the international community. “In Somalia, for the last two years there has been controversy over indirect elections, while hundreds of people are electing the president of Somaliland and there have been many elections,” said Minister Liban.

Somaliland is now preparing for joint elections to the House of Representatives and local councils, he added.

He said a recent statement from the Somaliland Ministry of Foreign Affairs addressed the Somaliland government’s position on the political crisis in Somalia and the extension of the Federal Government of Somalia.

The purpose of the call, he said, was to address concerns about Somalia and the potential security implications for the region in the wake of Somalia’s disputed election dispute and the extension of President Farmajo a term, which has further complicated the security situation in Somalia.

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